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Which pergola design suits you?

19th Nov '16 • By Emily Ayers

A pergola is a must for any homeowner who wants an attractive leisure area in their own landscape. It embellishes your home and landscape, while, at the same time, offering a place to rest when the sun is too bright and the weather is too hot. 


But how should you choose a pergola? What should you look at in order for your pergola to fit in the design of your property and help you relax in a sublime ambiance at the same time? 

Think about size
The size of your house and landscape will dictate what kind of pergola is best for you. You’ll want your new pergola not only to be proportionate with your house but with your landscape, too. Also, sizes should impact your decision on whether to purchase one that is attached to your house or one standing on its own. For small houses, the first is usually recommended. Thus, you could have an inside living room extended to the outside. 


Shape makes a statement
Pergolas come in various shapes, and your house’s size and appearance should be taken into consideration. For small houses, we recommend pergolas that are shaped either square or rectangular, and are attached to the building. If you own a large property, with a large landscape, a separated pergola might be just what you are looking for. But you should always keep in mind the whole. How will my new pergola look from a distance? Would I want to spend time there? 


Get the best material
The material that you use is important for both quality and design. If you own a wooden house, then you might consider building a pergola made out of timber just so it can fit with your home. Don’t forget that timber pergolas require a lot of maintenance. If you are looking for resistance, than steel and aluminium are the right materials for you.


Take the roof into consideration
Not all pergolas have flat roofs. There are various shapes out there for you choose. You can find curved, hipped, gabled or double-pitched gables pergola roofs. Just don’t forget about design and aesthetics when you’re starting to build it. 


Don’t forget to take light into account. You can opt for Skylite strips if you want more natural lights. Also, hot summer heat and noise can be reduced if you decide to insulate the roofing of your pergola. 

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