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Cost of an electrician in brisbane

5th Feb '24 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Let’s talk sparkies in Brissy! The cost of an electrician is, of course, always at the discretion of the business. If you want an insured, professional, experienced, quality electrical business, you get what you pay for. We do have a general cost breakdown below for hiring a sparkie in Brisbane, to be used as a guide.


The cost of an electrician will be dependent on the cost of the job. Some jobs are smaller and more easily completed, whereas other sparkie jobs are much more dangerous and time-consuming. This creates a wide range of prices you could encounter with an electrician. 

Hourly Rates 

Licensed electricians with professional experience typically have hourly rates and guarantees. You’re looking at about $120 AUD per hour for a quality electrician, though an apprentice electrician could charge less for more simple jobs. If the job is more complex, an experienced licensed electrician with adequate knowledge is recommended. Materials, travel, and other overhead costs may or may not be included in the hourly rate, so make sure to ask. 

The safest practice is to ask for a quote. That way, you can have certainty of how much it will cost, regardless of how long the job takes. If it takes longer, the electrician is responsible for this, and if the job gets done a little quicker than expected, they benefit. Getting a quote protects you when it comes to the time it takes for the professional to reach job completion.

Electrician Licence Grades

For most electrical jobs, you will need a Certified Level 1 electrician, which is the minimum level of certification to be a qualified contractor. Certain other, more specialised jobs will require additional licensing; for example, work on mains power cables coming in off the street, and electricity meters require a Level 2 Electrician. Alternatively, if you wish to get phone or data cables run, this also requires a "Master Cabler's" licence in addition to a Level 1 licence. 

The Most Common Electrician Jobs and Costs

Outlet/switch/socket installation ~ $250 AUD
Although these can sometimes be small jobs, there will be a service call-out fee, so it is wise to combine these smaller jobs with other electrical jobs you also need done so you’re making the most of the professional’s time.

House wiring ~ $750 AUD+
The costs of wiring a house will decrease or increase related to the accessibility of the job and the size of the job. If you’re looking for a new electrical installation job, the price could increase to an average of about $1,500 AUD. 

Light fixtures ~ Depends on the size of the job ~ $200 AUD to $800 AUD
Obviously, you will be responsible for paying for whatever light fixture you desire, and the installation of it will depend on how complex the job is or how complicated it is to install.

Attic/ceiling fans ~ $400 AUD to $550 AUD
Installing fans is necessary for cooling your home and removing hot and humid air. Attic fans are typically more expensive to install, around $550, but ceiling fans tend to be a bit cheaper by $100 AUD to $200 AUD.

Electrical breakers ~ $160 AUD
Replacing a breaker will likely run you under $200 AUD. However, upgrading an entire panel will run you an average of $1,000 AUD.

Generator services ~ Depends on the size of the job ~ $500 AUD to $1,000 AUD
Generators are awesome for off-grid living, becoming increasingly popular. Although servicing may be cheaper or more expensive depending on the size of the job, installation of a generator will run you anywhere from $500 to $1,000. 

Bathroom vent ~ $350 AUD 
Bathroom vent installation will run you about $350 in Brisbane. Replacing an existing fan with a better/newer fan is less expensive because the majority of the wiring is already done. 

Smart home device installation ~ Depends on size of job ~ $2,000 AUD+ 
Depending on the size and complexity of the smart home installation, this type of installation job could get quite pricey. If you are looking at a smart electrical installation involving the automation of lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, security, and home appliances, you could be looking at about $20,000 for a small home. Smaller smart home device installations will be cheaper. That being said, this is the priciest area of electrical work.

Because Brisbane is a major city creating more competition between electrical businesses, you may be able to get slightly better rates. However, make sure that you go with the most professional business possible. Experienced electricians will get the job done right the first time and take preventative measures to make sure your home’s electrical work is safe and functioning.

All the costs quoted were sourced at the time this article was written. They are to be used as an AUD cost guide and may vary locally, and are subject to market changes.

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