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Do electricians mount tvs

11th Jan '21 • By Rohit Mankame

A home theatre is not a distant dream anymore with affordable projectors, screens, surround sound systems. If you plan to jazz up your home and your life with a home theatre consider installing wall mounted TV units, surround sound speakers, audio sonos, projector units and screens.

Every year, modern TVs are becoming smaller and larger, and the way we view them in our homes has also changed. The old wooden corner TV cabinet days are gone, and even slim TV cabinets are no longer strictly required. 

As TVs become more integrated into our lives, mounting TVs on the wall is becoming more and more common.

Now the question is whether you need a professional to mount the TV to the wall or you can get away with a DIY job? We suggest getting a professional electrician to mount up your TV. 

When your TV is mounted on the wall, there are so many variables to remember. Your local electrician will make sure everything is performed to the highest quality level with the right expertise and equipment and will give you the best possible result. In far less time than you, they can do a better job and then clean up their mess so that you can get right into watching your favourite shows on your newly installed TV.

Wall mounted tv

What are the benefits of wall mounting TVs?

Save space 

By minimizing the need for a dedicated TV cabinet, wall mounting your TV saves precious floor space. By installing an infrared extender to power your Blu-Ray, amplifier or any other unit, it enables you to get your TV accessories tucked away out of sight.


Children, cats, and charades are common ways that knock televisions over if they're on a stand. Mounting your TV on a wall will keep your loved ones and your TV protected from unintentional bumps.

Reduce Clutter 

Into the minimalist, elegant look? When your TV is mounted on a wall, all your cables run into the cavity of the wall. This decreases visual clutter behind the TV, as well as tripping hazards and unsightly cable messes.

electrician mounting tv

What do professional electricians do when wall mounting TVs?

Choose the right TV wall mount

In reality, a large part of the wall mounting your TV is finding out what equipment is best for your room and TV. There are a number of styles, heights, weight-bearing rules, and functions, and you can't just use any old TV bracket. 

You might have an incredibly large Screen, for instance, or you may want to be able to swivel your TV from various angles. 

A specialist will help you find the correct TV wall mount and make sure it's a high quality product that's going to do the job.

Proper Wiring 

We noticed that customers who wanted to install their wall TV did it themselves before they approached us and missed out on a lot of things like the wires and cables at the back of their TV. 

You do not want to go to the trouble of putting up your TV without adequately hiding the cables. And it is certainly not a task you're trained to do to cut into your wall to cover the cables. Things a professional will consider include what electrical or plumbing services are located inside the wall, and if anything might block the path to connect up your TV. It’s a serious business that you should leave up to the professionals, or you could risk a leak or even electrocution!

DIY wall mount

Secure attachment to the wall

It's necessary to ensure that you securely attach your TV. You risk your TV falling down and breaking (or worse, injuring someone) and costly damage to your wall if you attach your TV in a position that is not sturdy enough to withstand the weight. Your electrician will not only know the right place to screw your wall mount in, but they will also be expert in dealing with various kinds of materials and textures, from gyprock and plasterboard to wood and even bricks.

Optimum Viewing Angles 

A professional who is specialised in TV wall mounts will know the optimal height and angle to protect your TV so that you get the best viewing experience possible. They're going to consider glare from any light sources outside or inside, where you like to sit, and how far from your couch your TV is. 

Doing this right means that for those late night Netflix binges, you can be much more relaxed and you shouldn't need to open and shut your blinds just to be able to see your screen.

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Quality Workmanship

Chances are, if you're not a specialist, the work you do isn't going to look all that impressive. It will be usable at best, but the aesthetics will most probably suffer. 

In all counts, a professional will do a fantastic job, it will work, and everything will be done so smoothly that you will not even notice it. Especially when you plan to one day put your home up for sale, you'll be glad you invested in a TV wall mount professional. Information like whether your fixtures have been properly installed can really influence the value of your home and whether the standard can be trusted by buyers. 

No Unexpected Expenses 

It is a lot more economical to do it right the first time with a professional than trying to DIY your TV wall mount and then calling someone in to repair it. We have so many customers calling us to repair their failed work, and if they had just booked a specialist from the start, it would have been so much simpler (and cheaper!).

Luxury house with Tv

Saves Time

You'll always need to give up one of your days off trying to find the right materials and do the installation yourself, even though you're handy with tools and think you could DIY your TV wall mount. 

And if you're not a professional builder, carpenter, or cabinet maker, it's probably going to take a lot longer than that for you. Either way, it's time for you to spend your time with your mates, doing things you want, or just relaxing after work.


If you were to DIY you would have to do research, find the best solution to fit your criteria, compare the prices, look at reviews, visit hardware stores and wait for deliveries to arrive. 

Hiring a professional means you can sit back and relax, as he will come home, give you a written quote, install it and do all the hard work. 

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