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Essential electrician services: expert assistance

29th Sep '23 • By Maddie Holden-Smith

Electrical wiring is serious stuff. So many things can go wrong, with no warnings or signs whatsoever, when electrical installations are not done correctly. As much as we love DIY approaches, electrical installation, maintenance, and repairs are not where you should go down that route. In fact, it’s downright illegal to do so in Australia.

Malfunctioning electrical boxes, unprotected cables, or leaving outlets and switches loose—any of these can be a disaster waiting to happen. Which is why you should always leave electrical maintenance and repairs to commercial electrician services.

Here are four reasons why you should rope in an expert electrician for any type of construction or home improvement project:

1. They are licensed and certified.

All the best commercial electrician services in Australia only have licensed electricians on their roster. They will have different licenses depending on where they operate in Australia. For example, if you live in Western Australia, your electrician will have an ELB (Electrical Licensing Board) license. And if you are in Queensland, electricians there have licenses from the Electrical Safety Office.

Licensed electricians are trained in what they do and know their jobs inside out. Not only can you expect a higher standard of work from them, but you can also breathe easy knowing that the electrical work on your property is compliant with the local codes and regulations. There will be no rude shocks—no pun intended—in the form of hefty fines later.

2. They have wide expertise and knowledge.

Knowledge and expertise are absolute musts in all things electrical wiring. Because—and come to think about it—would you rather have your electrician work with absolute confidence in what they are doing or watch them tinker with wires as they figure things out?

It has to be the former, right?

When you bring in the big guns from your local electrical handyman services, this is what you essentially get: a thorough professional who knows electrical work like the back of their hand. With their wide expertise and knowledge, they know the best and most efficient ways to get something done.

It doesn’t matter if it’s something as simple as swapping out a hanging profile light kitchen or something as complex as rewiring your entire property. Master installation electricians have the skills and experience to handle everything.

3. They provide guarantees on their work.

An electrician with confidence in their skills and abilities always provides guarantees on top of delivering work of the highest Caliber. In fact, that’s the first thing you should ask an electrician whenever shopping for one.

We even recommend going through your electrician services list, item by item, and finding out which service offers the best guarantee.

If an electrician isn’t willing to provide you with a guarantee, run for the hills as fast as you can. Hiring such an electrician only raises the chances of you getting saddled with extra repairs and the ensuing expenses after the end of the service period.

4. They are trained in all safety procedures.

Qualified and licensed electricians are prone to very few mistakes. With their continuous training in all the latest safety procedures, they know how to maintain a safe working environment at all times.

For example, an expert installation electrician:

  • Inspects their tools and equipment regularly and keeps them in their best condition.
  • Takes all necessary steps prior to beginning their work to ensure there is no scope for mishaps or accidents.
  • If it’s a big job, such as renovations that require full rewiring, they will conduct an audit and zero in on a plan first.
  • Ensure that there will be a near-zero risk of accidents or electrical hazards such as electric shock, explosion, and fire while working with electricity.

More importantly, they will treat you and your property with respect and care, and they will always clean up after themselves.

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What services do electricians provide?

Electrician domestic solutions cover a wide range of jobs that include but aren’t limited to, the following:

  • Electrical circuitry installation
  • Electrical circuitry upgrade and renovation
  • Maintenance and repair of household wiring and electrical systems
  • Emergency electrical repair and maintenance (Electrical fire, sparks and shocks from faulty wiring, failure of air conditioning, etc.)
  • Electrical repairs and appliance installations
  • Solar panel installation

Where to find electrician services in Australia? is Australia’s go-to platform for electricians and other service professionals. Here, you will find a comprehensive electrician services list covering different cities and neighbourhoods, compare their quotes, and select the best electrician according to your needs and your budget.

Below are all the types of electrician services you can expect to connect with:

  • Domestic or residential electrician services
  • Local electrical handyman services
  • Specialist electricians
  • Master installation electrician
  • Emergency electricians
  • Electrician for light installation
  • And many more.

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