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Different types of carpet: advantages and disadvantages

23rd May '16 • By Emily Ayers

Carpets have been known to accentuate the decoration of a room in a major way. For this reason, it is important to choose the right kind of carpet for your home.


The process of carpet making involves strands of yarn sewn intricately into a holding material which keeps the carpet firmly in the fashion it was sewn. The pattern is repeated over the complete area of the carpet, creating thousands of yarn loops. These loops can then be manipulated to give different styles of carpet.

Loop Carpet


Loop carpet is created when the yarn loops are left uncut and passed on as a whole. In a loop pile, the tufts of the yarn are usually of equal height and density. Loop carpet can also have earth tones or textured appearances. This type of carpet can also be subjected to processes which shrinks the animal fibres (usually wool) and gives rise to a felted appearance. 

Pro: Easy to maintain and is a very durable carpet. Doesn't snag.
Con: Can look worn out.

Sisal Carpet


If loop carpet is instead heavily textured, then it is called a sisal or cord carpet. When it is employed in carpets, sisal carpet attains a stylish and comfortable look. Often the loops are of the same height and the lines are equal, but they can also be composed of alternating high and low loops.

Pro: 100% biodegradable, reduces humidity and is extremely tough.
Con: Difficult to remove stains and feels rough underfoot.

Cut-pile twist Carpet


A cut-pile twist style is also referred to as a hard twist, frieze or curled pile style. It is made up of twisted tufts of high quality yarn loops which curl at the surface of the pile randomly and have a textured finish. It is usually set to retain the twisting nature of loops so that the texture can be retained when the carpet is in use.

Pro: Doesn't show vacuum marks or foot tracks and is extremely durable. Resists matting.
Con: Develops darker and lighter patches over time, also known as shading.

Shag Carpet


Shag carpet is a type of cut pile carpet in which the tufts of yarn pile have a longer length than their loop counterparts. But the space that is left between the folds of the tufts is usually more than in the other carpet constructions. 

Pro: Visually appealing, comfortable to walk and sit on.
Con: Hard to remove stains, generally more expensive.

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