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How does solar air conditioning work?

19th Nov '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

One of the best ways of being energy efficient is to go solar. The electricity generated from solar panels can help power air conditioners. It's a great way to save money on electricity bills especially during summer.

The sun has always been a great source of energy. The energy from the sun can now be converted to electricity and power up appliances. Even air conditioners are now powered by solar energy. Using solar energy to power up air conditioners and other appliances fractions the impact of energy consumption in our nature. Thus, the use of renewable energy from the sun allows you to cool your home without making a large impact on our nature.


If you want a solar-powered air conditioner in your home, look for a professional air conditioning service and get your sustainable air conditioner installed.

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  • What is a solar air conditioner?
  • How does solar air conditioning work?
  • What are the benefits of solar air conditioning?

What is a solar air conditioner?

Solar Air conditioners are powered by the energy coming from the sun. The energy from sun rays is converted to electricity that is used to operate air conditioners. Solar air conditioners are energy and cost-efficient option for your household. It also lessens the impact of your energy consumption on the environment by utilizing renewable energy to facilitate adequate cooling for your home.

You have three different options when it comes to solar-powered air conditioners. Here is the complete information.

DC Powered Solar Air Conditioner

A DC powered solar air conditioner is also known as the conventional direct current-powered air conditioner, is an air conditioner wired directly to the solar panels. It can run entirely off-grid through batteries that can be charged through solar power. The solar panels, photovoltaic panels collect energy from the sun and powers the air conditioner. Direct Current powered air conditioners provide the following advantages to your home:

  • Running an air conditioner that is off the panel will not be a problem if you use direct current electricity.
  • A direct current solar-powered air conditioner is your best option if you want to switch to totally off-the-grid living.
  • Air conditioners powered by Direct Current electricity require minimal extra equipment cost, and they are easy to install.

AC Powered Solar Air Conditioner

An AC powered solar air conditioner or the alternating current-powered sir conditioner requires an inverter to convert direct current from the solar panel into alternating current electricity to power up an air conditioner.

The inverter is an integral part of the process of powering up an air conditioner. This setup uses the energy stored in a battery that will pass through the inverter going to the air conditioner. The alternating current powered air conditioner has the following advantages for your home:

  • No extra equipment is needed if you plan to tie this air conditioner to the grid power and run it as a standard air conditioner.
  • You can still run the system for an alternating electricity-powered air conditioner with grid power and solar panels.
  • Excess electricity will go back to the grid through net metering, and you can get credits from this excess electricity. You can do this if you tie up your alternating current electricity system to a grid.

Hybrid Powered Solar Air Conditioner

A hybrid solar-powered air conditioner can run seamlessly with direct and alternating current at the same time. This unit of air conditioner can be connected directly to solar panels and batteries and tied up to a grid at the same time. Through this flexible setup, your aircon unit can use either of the power sources that are appropriate for the time of the day and power load. Here are the advantages of hybrid-powered solar air conditioners:

  • You can save more from your air conditioning unit because this setup requires no special equipment, such as an inverter or any equipment that will require extra cost.
  • It can smoothly switch between the two power sources, solar power and grid power, without interruption or time for transition and adjustment.
  • The flexibility of the air conditioners powered by hybrid solar power can benefit your home at any time of the day in any season.

How does solar air conditioning work?

A solar air conditioner uses solar electricity to facilitate air conditioning. To explain this system in simple terms, solar air conditioning gets its energy from the sun, converts it to electricity, and provides power to your aircon to cool your space.

The solar panel is the device that captures the energy from the heat of the sun. Then, for direct current electricity, the energy from the sun is directly supplied to power up the air conditioner. For alternating current electricity, the energy that the panel gets from the sub passes through an inverter and becomes electricity stored in rechargeable batteries. Lastly, for hybrid-powered electricity, there is a direct connection to the panel and a connection to the battery. It applies both direct and alternating current to power up your air conditioner.

Instead of using grid energy, a solar-powered air conditioner uses the renewable energy of the sun that makes it sustainable and creates less impact on your environment.

If you are wondering how much does air conditioning cost? It depends on the area where you live in. The price varies from $600 to $6000 depending on the size of the aircon and the complexity of the job required to accomplish the installation.

What are the benefits of solar air conditioning?

If you plan to have solar-powered air conditioning installed, ask for aircon installation quotes that will help you negotiate with the best and nearest air conditioning service in your area. Here are some of the benefits of collar-powered air conditioning.

  • A solar-powered air condition increases the value of your property. Having solar panels at home makes it even more valuable than that of regular electricity users. 
  • You can save from electricity bills through solar-powered air condition because it uses renewable energy from the sun, which is always free.
  • Greenhouse gas emission is reduced by using solar-powered air condition. Thus, it creates less impact on your environment.
  • There are fewer repair requirements for solar-powered air condition. You just have to check the panels occasionally.
  • A solar-powered air condition is cost, time, and energy-efficient because of the various setup of energy gathering, which you can choose to cool your place.


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