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How to keep your house cool during summer?

11th Nov '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

With the summer fast approaching, we are all looking for ways to stay cool. While there are many ways, the easiest way to stay cool is to install an air conditioner in your house. Learn more about it below

Summer is always the hottest season of the year, and if you are staying at home, it can be really hot in your household. You do not want to keep sweating in summer. That is why it is important to know how you will keep your home cool during summer. There are ways you can do it on your own and ways you can do it with a professional. Air conditioning is one of the ways you can stay cool this summer.  Either way, maximizing all ways to keep your home cool will benefit you and your family for the who summer season.

Article Overview

  • What are the different ways to keep your house cool during summer?
  • Why should you invest in an air conditioner?
  • What are the benefits of professional aircon installation?

What are the different ways to keep your house cool during summer?

Summer has always been the perfect season to stay at home, rest, and do recreational activities inside your home. But it is hard to enjoy if you keep on sweating while staying inside your home. Worry no more because here are the ways you can do to keep your home cool during summer.

1. Close your blinds

Your blinds are your main protector against UV rays from extreme sunlight. Maximize the use of your blinds during the day. Almost 30 percent of the heat inside your home creeps through your window, and it will be very helpful if you close your blinds instead of closing your windows. Closing your windows will only trap the hot air inside your home while closing only the blinds and allowing air to go in and out without the extreme heat of sun rays. Closing your blinds reduces the heat by 20 degrees and protects your home from extreme UV rays.

2. Close the rooms that you do not always use

Remember to close the rooms in your house that you are not using. Closing certain rooms can avoid the cool air to occupy them and allow the air to stay in the area where you and your family mostly stay for the rest of the day. Do not forget to turn off the vents in the rooms you are not using if the high-cool fan or aircon is working.

3. Switch your sheets and coverings

Changing sheets and coverings in your home can be an effective way to keep your bed and sofa cool. Switch to cotton sheets and covering to allow the ait to go in and out of the fabric. Breathable cotton sheets freshen up your bed and sofa and are slow to get hot. So, it leaves surfaces cool after hours. Avoid flannel sheets and other thick fabrics. They will only make your back sweat.

4. Maximize plant shade

If you have a full-grown tree near your window, it will be a great way to shed your home. If there are no trees in your landscape, you can place your plants in the window to shed your home from extreme sunlight and allow fresh, filtered air to get in. Plant shades are the most natural sun protection that you can put up in your home. It does not only avoid heat to get inside your home but gives you fresh, cool, and clean air.

5. Have an exhaust fan

Cooking is one of the daily activities that increase heat inside your household. Turning on your stove and oven adds up to the heat circulating inside your home. It heats the air that circulates in your household, making it feel hot and humid. But it does not mean that you should stop cooking at home. What you need is an exhaust fan in your kitchen. An exhaust fan blows out all hot air and odour from your kitchen. Remember to turn on the exhaust fan while cooking and not after you cook, ensure that no hot air from the kitchen reaches other parts of your home.

6. Install an aircon

An aircon is the best thing you can have in your home during summer. Close your house or a room in your house and turn on the aircon. It will blow cool air in your household and give a nice and comfortable rest while staying at home. An aircon can cool a room or a whole household, depending on its power. If you want to cool a certain room, an average-performing aircon will do. But if you want to cool your whole household, you will need to buy a high-powered air conditioner. Either way, an aircon is your best option to keep your home cool during summer.

Why should you invest in an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is your best option to keep your home cool during summer. If you are still thinking twice about having an aircon installed in your home, here are the benefits of investing in an air conditioner. 

1. Lower utility bills

You might think installing an aircon will increase your utility bill, but that is not the case. Installing an aircon actually decreases the utility bill. With an aircon cooling your home, you no longer need to turn on multiple electric fans. You do not have to worry about high energy consumption because only one appliance will work to keep your home cool. An aircon helps you save from your monthly energy bill because it operates in a lower efficiency system.

If you want to save from your utility bills, look for air conditioning services in your area and have an aircon installed to cool your home for the whole summer season.

2. Less repair

The advanced features of air conditioners allow them to operate at ease for a longer period of time. It is because of the low to the mid-efficiency system, which makes it work. With a lower-efficiency system that does not sacrifice the power of an air conditioner, you will no longer need regular maintenance. You just have to clean and clear it off dust accumulating in the air panels.

3. Longer operating life and comfort level

An aircon requires less maintenance service. That is why it has a longer operating life. It can keep your home cool for a couple of years, as long as you are knowledgeable on how you will operate it. With an air condition lasting for years, the comfort of your home will surely increase. You and your family can stay longer inside your household during summer.

Increase the level of comfort of your home during summer. Ask for aircon installation quotes, and get the best and nearest aircon installation service in your area.


What are the benefits of professional aircon installation?

You can get many benefits from a professional aircon installation service. You might be thinking of how much does an aircon installation costs? A professional aircon installation costs $600 to $6000, depending on the area where you reside and the complexity of the work that the installation requires.

  • A professional aircon installation allows you to save money, time, and energy.
  • You no longer need to bear the hassle of mounting the aircon on your wall.
  • Proper and strategic placement of the aircon in your home can be achieved through professional aircon installation.
  • No need to worry about tools and equipment. It is included in the service package that you will choose.
  • You can never go wrong with a professional service because professional aircon installation services are trained to install efficient air conditioners for many households.


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