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Ceiling high kitchen cupboards

24th Apr '16 • By Emily Ayers

There are so many reasons behind the fame of high ceiling kitchens. These kitchens prove to be more aesthetically pleasing and provide more storage than cupboards that stop before the ceiling.


Why are Ceiling High Cupboards so trendy?

So, why are ceiling high kitchen cupboards famous? When cupboards reach the ceiling, the dead space above your cupboards is converted into usable storage space. Further, these cupboards are less likely to be affected by dust.


Ceiling high kitchens are extremely famous in apartments and contemporary homes. This is because more-and-more people have sensed the visual impact of kitchens with such a structure. Apart from a trendy look, these cupboards can be integrated easily. If you are ought to choose timber laminates and trendy colors, the kitchen will look amazing. Consequently, the net worth of your house will increase. Some homeowners tend to install open shelves to display their glassware collections and favorite items.


Why individuals choose lower cupboards

The reason most home owners opt for lower cabinets is due to the overall cost. High ceiling cabinets entail several costs, such as leveling cabinets with the roof, removing the cornice and ceiling them appropriately. Low cabinets avoid these costs altogether, by stopping just below the ceiling.


Furthermore, low cabinets are chosen for homes with high ceilings. It would look rather odd having elongated kitchen cupboards, don't you agree?


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