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Costly remodeling mistakes to avoid

28th Apr '16 • By Emily Ayers

Here are few costly mistakes you should avoid while remodeling a kitchen.


A lot of people tend to make few common mistakes while remodeling their kitchens. Though functionality and beauty are important components of a­ny design, longevity plays a vital role too! Kitchens are considered pricey investments that should be neatly designed to ensure longevity. You will be astonished to note that well-designed kitchens can last between twenty to thirty years effortlessly.

Think About Lighting

Proper lighting is extremely important in a kitchen, as it serves various functions. The kitchen needs a bright workspace, but that doesn’t mean you invest on spot lights and mood lighting. These are expensive fixtures that prove to be unnecessary in the kitchen. Instead, opt for task lighting. These lights should be used inside the ceiling or cabinetry.


The Finishes and Materials

Never invest on finishes and materials without understanding them. A lot of homeowners make uniformed decisions with respect to materials. The finishes and materials you choose should be capable of handling day to day stress. It should fall in line with your lifestyle. For example, if you are extremely concerned about staining, you shouldn’t opt for marble countertops. Moreover, the idea of changing countertops is a time consuming and costly.


Never invest in cabinets that are short and less spacious. These cabinets tend to collect more dirt and dust. In fact, short cabinets have many unnecessary accessories too. According to Joan Schindler, cabinets should be full in height and rich with space. The cabinets should have ample space to offer an airy feel.


The Verdict

Kitchen remodeling is not a complete upgrade. As mentioned previously, this is an expensive affair, but a successful remodeling project will increase the overall worth of your home. This is why you should plan the project based on your lifestyle and needs. Ask the following questions, “Do you consider the kitchen as a spot for socializing?”, “Are you happy with the amount of storage in your house?” and “Do you cook frequently?” Based on your answers to these questions, you should pull together a comprehensive remodeling plan!

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