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How to update your kitchen on a budget

26th Aug '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Do you need to update your kitchen on a tight budget? Clever ideas for quick, easy and affordable updates for your kitchen renovations if you are on a limited budget but still hankering for a more modern space.

Kitchen update in quick time Do you need to update your kitchen on a tight budget? You do not need to spend a lot of money as most changes can be incorporated on a budget of your choosing.

Here are some clever ideas for quick, easy and affordable updates for your kitchen renovations if you are on a limited budget but still hankering for a more modern space.

Use the existing layout 

Using the same layout in the In your kitchen will significantly reduce your costs – moving cupboards, plumbing, walls, electrical and so on begins to get into big money. And the most that you can do to yourself, the more money you will be able to save.

Different paint options for kitchens


The easiest way to start a budget renovation is through painting. Instantly lighten up a gloomy, tired space by giving a few coats of a bright, neutral colour or white to the walls, ceiling, door and window frames. 

If you paint over wood panelling, you will first need to apply a stain and tannin blocker – your local hardware store can advise you on this, as well as on the most areas suitable for kitchen paint.

Black faucet in the kitchen


The next thing you should target for a budget update are the facets of your sink. These days most modern faucets come equipped with certain modifications which add features previously missing in traditional ones. You can have a lotion dispenser attached to the faucet to aid in the cleaning process. Newer taps can also help you save money on water consumption as they use less water compared to older models.

Display cabinets in a new kitchen

Display Cabinets

If the display cabinets are structurally sound but just dated or a hideous shade, the doors, drawer fronts and hardware can be painted or replaced for a fraction of the money that it would cost to replace the entire cabinetry.

There is a paint finish to suit whether your cabinets are timber or laminate. Most kitchen cabinets are a standard size, so you can fit replacement doors to existing units. If you're uncomfortable with the thought of painting all the cabinet doors yourself, research the cost of getting them done by a kitchen spray painting company – this may be much cheaper than removing the doors, and will leave a professional long-lasting finish.

Kitchen bench top wood

Change the Benchtop

If you've had better days on your benchtop and sink you have a lot of choice if you want to replace them . There are thousands of low-cost options to pick from and all of them are ideal for DIY. Using the range of clever products now available at your local Bunnings Warehouse you can also resurface them. 

Different kitchen handle styles


The easiest way to make your kitchen attain a contemporary look is by replacing the handles of the drawers and cupboards. There are various styles of handles available which will make the old, dated cupboards appear chic and stylish. If the cupboards are made of wood, metallic handles will accent the beauty of their texture while adding a contrasting factor which makes the cupboard stand out. Be sure to match the fitting characteristics to your current handles to ensure a smooth and simple switch.

Different kitchen storage ideas

Add storage 

Customize your kitchen and maximise its space by transforming an empty wall, cluttered drawer or unused cabinet into storage space for pantry items, cookbooks or pans. The cost of this improvement to the kitchen depends on the size, type and finish of the shelving units, single shelves, pull-out trays, and other storage options that you choose.

You can complete the transformation of your kitchen by removing some of your upper cabinets. It will feel lighter and more modern and maybe even more functional. Open shelving is a perfect way to view stacks of the everyday dishes you use along with items such as cookbooks, platters and displayed fresh herbs.

Two solutions will fit well: You could fully eliminate the upper cabinets and replace them with free floating shelves. Or you might simply remove a couple of the unused upper shelves from the doors and hardware. Any option has the added bonus of forcing you to get rid of the stuff you don't like, and just show the dishes you enjoy and regularly use.

Kitchen lighting styles


When going for a budget update, you can simply improve the lighting of your kitchen. Well lit kitchens can make the room appear more spacious and larger than it was perceived before. Ambient lighting can help light up dark corners under counters and make the whole platform accessible for your kitchen needs.

Pendant lights will add a touch of excitement to an otherwise boring room over your kitchen island table. Just make sure you get an electrician to change the lights for you, because any electrical work may be dangerous to DIY.

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