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Kitchen trends that are here to stay

17th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

Some kitchen trends have been around for several decades. There is a very good reason they are still popular: they work. A beautiful kitchen can improve the overall value of your home. From quartz countertops to minimal cabinets or installing one-of-a-kind ceilings there are several kitchen trends that are here to stay.


Quartz Countertops
Quartz countertops are more durable than their granite counterparts, they are really easy to install and use. These countertops have a timeless appeal and don’t require constant sealing or scrubbing. The shimmering nature of these countertops is less visible. Meaning, you will not grow tired of the design quickly.


Open Layouts
Try to cut down the number of walls in your kitchen. Open layouts will give your kitchen a classy finish. You can incorporate informal dinning and beautiful cooking drives inside the open layout. Open layouts tend to encourage entertainment, interaction and space inside the kitchen.


Induction Cooking
There are numerous reasons to utilise induction cooking. When compared against conventional cooking methods, induction is aesthetically appealing, fast and safe. Kitchens with induction cookware stay cool and easy to manage. This is because induction cookware requires less heat. Always go for technologies that work well for you and are within your budget.


Beautiful Ceilings
To exploit the full potential of your kitchen ceilings, you should finish them with decorative finishes. Always remember that the ceiling should complement your workspace or single-level islands. A decorative ceiling helps add dimension to large kitchens.


Smart Appliances
Appliances in the kitchen tend to stick out. When designing your new kitchen try to integrate your appliance as much as possible. Dishwashers can be built in your cabinetry to look like another door. Kettles and toasters can be hidden inside cupboards. Applying this technique also uses space more efficiently.


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