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Intuitive landscaping tips

12th Jul '16 • By Emily Ayers

Are you wondering how to improve the look of your landscape? People who have little experience in landscape design find it quite difficult to make decisions. This is usually because there are so many different options and techniques that can be used in landscape design. Following these simple rules, you can create your very own beautiful landscape.


#1 Your Needs & Wants
First of all, determine you want from your garden. Are you interested in providing a fun space for your kids? Do you want to grow vegetables and fruits in your garden? Are you planning to host tea parties in your landscape? Your landscape design should reflect these needs and wants. Start with a few sketches and refine your drawing to a detailed plan. If you don’t have a plan in mind, ask for professional help.

#2 Understanding The Wind and Sun
Even the most beautiful landscape designs can fail if functionality is not considered. For example, you might have built a stylish wooden patio to enjoy your morning coffee. However, if you have positioned your patio towards the north, you will receive plenty of morning sun. Keep in mind, clever design and awnings can counter most wind and sun issues.


#3 Take Time
Is your backyard overgrown and in need of a little love? Constant watering, weeding and pruning can make your garden look new. Consider whether your garden needs an entire transformation or just a little maintenance

#4 Focal Point
For a successful landscape design, try to work on or for a focal point. From this point, you will be able to create stunning gardens. May it be the shrubs, flowering plants or a sculpture, arrange them wisely! This focal point should grab attention smoothly.


Remember, if you’re undertaking the landscape project yourself, it might take some time to get your garden looking bright and healthy. Stay focused and set goals for yourself to stay motivated.

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