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Natural ways to remove weeds

23rd Jul '16 • By Emily Ayers

Here are a few strategies to help you remove weeds from your garden naturally.


Do you want a beautiful garden that is free of weeds? Many individuals are concerned about using harsh chemicals to remove weeds. It is quite interesting to note that weeds can be cleared without chemicals.

#1 Pull Them Out
A cheap and traditional method for removing weeds is simply removing them by hand. Depending on the degree to which weeds have invaded your lawn or garden, this method can be quite straightforward. Start with a small patch and work your way out over time. To make the process easier, you should water the soil and then try pulling. Insert a small spade or knife to remove roots that have grown deep into the soil.


#2 Use Boiling Water
Do you know that boiling water can help remove weeds naturally? Tough weeds can be removed easily using this method. Along with a splash of hot water, you should use a small tool to get rid of the weeds. This process can take a few days.


#3 Use Newspapers
Another method to exterminate weeds, is to smother them with layers of newspapers. Common weeds like Broad Leaf Pepper Tree and Camphor Laurel can be removed using this technique. Place newspapers over weeds with weights to block sunlight from reaching the low growing plant.


#4 Salt
Another technique to kill weeds naturally involves salt. Stock up rock salt and sprinkle it on weeds. Salt serves as a great weed barrier. When used properly, you can prevent weed growth in the long run. Nevertheless, you should use salt wisely. This is because salt can leave the ground barren for a very long time. Only use this technique for driveways or areas where you do not want any type of plant to grow.


#5 Use Space Wisely
Weeds tend to grow in spaces where there is less competition. You can reduce the rate at which weeds grow by introducing more plants into your garden. Plant more garden crops, ground covers and flowers that can beat the growth of weeds.

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