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How to get rid of possums

3rd Jan '23 • By

Possums may seem like cuddly and adorable creatures, however, they can quickly wreak havoc on your house. Possum-proofing is becoming essential in order to keep these nocturnal animals away from your living space.

So, do you want to get rid of possums? The most effective option is to hire a professional pest control service.

Find out more about how to get rid of possums and signs of possum infestations below.

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Ways to Get Rid of Possums

Here are some ways to eliminate possums in your house without killing them or breaking any related laws in Australia.

1. Remove Access to Water and Food

As the saying goes, "Prevention is better than cure", so making your home less attractive to possums is an excellent way to keep them away. Begin by eliminating their access to water and food on your property.

2. Block Any Roof Access Points

Possums are nocturnal creatures that love to spend the day hiding in dark, secluded areas. Roof cavities are ideal for possums throughout the day until nightfall when they begin thumping about in search of mates, water, and food.

Moreover, blocking access to your roof is an essential step in possum prevention — but make sure any possums are out first, so they don't get stuck within your roof.

3. Use an Ultrasonic Pest Repellent

Ultrasonic pest control is a chemical-free, humane, and ecologically friendly technique for keeping possums away. It uses sound frequencies that repel pests but cannot be heard by humans.

4. Protect Your Compost and Veggie Patch

Possums like food as much as humans do, whether rotting or fresh. Possums are notorious for being tough to keep out of your vegetable garden since they know what's healthy for them. Therefore, try to limit their access to these areas.

5. Spread Garlic Around Your Garden

The garlic's smell puts off possums, so spreading it about your garden or near the plants you want them to avoid is a natural and cruelty-free way to keep possums at a distance. You may use garlic spray, garlic chives, or crushed garlic cloves.

6. Fence Them Out

Although agile and good climbers, possums can only leap up to 1m high. It implies that a sturdy paling fence over 1.5m high may keep possums out of your garden. If you have a lower fence, you can use fence spikes on the top to deter possums (as well as rodents and cats) without killing them.

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7. Deter Possums With Particular Plants

There are various plants that possums aren’t huge fans of, so planting chrysanthemums, geraniums, mint, or even spiky plants like hakeas or banksias will help keep your garden from being trashed by our native furry friends.

8. Trim Trees and Branches Near Your House

Possums can only leap 1.5m horizontally and 1m high. However, they can jump downwards. Trim any branches within leaping distance of your roof to prevent possum access.

9. Install a Possum Box

If a possum has taken up residence on your roof, you'll most likely need to use a trap to capture it and relocate it somewhere else. Installing a possum box or two in large trees in your garden can provide possums with a safe and weather-proof new home. Limit access to the roof to prevent the possum from returning.


Signs of Possum Infestations

The best way to know you have possum issues at home is to either encounter one face-to-face or capture one on camera. If you suspect the presence of a possum, you should do some preliminary research. It is critical to identify the animal since it might be a problem with a mouse or a rat. This can help decide what steps you must follow.

Possum warning signs include:

  • Noises: They make a lot of noise, including screeching, grunting, growling, and hissing. Other sounds they make include knocking and scratching things down at night (when they are most active), usually in roof cavities.
  • Urine and droppings: Possum droppings and urine stains are easily seen. Brushtail possum droppings are olive-sized and range from dark green to brown. They are found on the balcony, in the gutters, on garden tables, etc. Contact a pest control company as soon as possible if you see possum or rat droppings. 
  • Chewed electrical wiring: Possums, like other rodents, like chewing on things they shouldn't. If you discover chewed electrical cables, you have a rodent problem. It can result in a fire hazard and the loss of power in your home.
  • Tree and flower damage. Possums like eating plants, especially if they are decorative ones. The problem is exacerbated if you have fruit trees in your garden.

If you need help ridding your home or workplace of insects and possums, you can always depend on a professional possum pest control service. Learn more about the possum or pest control cost before hiring a professional.

This service will identify where the pest is entering the property and seal those entry points. Possum pest control professionals will also assist you in making your yard as uninviting to possums and other common pests that occur naturally in the region of the yard as feasible.

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