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6 home renovations you should never diy

18th Sep '17 • By Emily Ayers

Renovating and undertaking projects yourself is a very rewarding process and can save you a fortune. However, there are certain renovations that if completed incorrectly can cost you a great deal in long run. Here are our 6 top home renovations that you should never diy without the required know how.

Home Renovation DIY

#1 Air conditioning Repairs

Air conditioning units are complex with numerous parts, chemicals and wires. Understanding how they work and finding out the root of the problem can be a daunting task and for this reason repair work is usually undertaken by a professional.

Air Conditioning

Attempting to repair the unit yourself runs the risk of damaging the appliance or worse, endangering yourself. In many cases of home DIY, air conditioning units have been short circuited and a professional has been called in to fix the issue. Along with posing serious health hazards, DIY repairs can cost you more to call out a professional to fix any mistakes you may have made.  

#2 Electrical work

It’s one thing being able to change a light bulb and another to completely rewire a home. Anything related to electricity should be approached with caution and only undertaken if you have the proper know how. Any mistakes done here can be lethal and can cause serious damage yourself and your home. Undertaking projects related to electricity risks electrocution to yourself and can cause an electrical fire in your home.

Electrical Wiring

#3 Plumbing work 

All plumbing related tasks aren’t as easy as replacing a faucet. Some are more complex in nature and can pose serious threats if attempted without the required skills. Fiddling around with the house’s inner plumbing is never a good idea. Unless you’re 100 percent certain of where the issue is coming from, removing pipes, especially when they are in close proximity to other plumbing components, is never a good idea. 

Bathroom Plumbing

#4 Tree removal 

Removing large trees from your property is not an easy feat and can pose some serious risks to your home. If not done right, falling trees can land on your home and cause a great deal of damage. If you’re not using the right equipment or using it properly you could potentially injure yourself or a family member. Hire a professional arborist to help you tackle any tree or stump removal task you need done.

Professional Tree Removal

#5 Asbestos removal 

As soon as you spot asbestos in your home, call a professional ASAP. Do not try to remove it on your own because it is harmful if inhaled, causing death in serious cases. Call a professional who is trained to remove and dispose of it correctly. There are also strict rules and guidelines to be followed when removing asbestos from a building.

Asbestos Removal Sign  

#6 Roof repairs

Although it may look easy, roof repairs or even installing a new roof is dangerous work. There are sloping edges, it’s high up and if an accident occurs you’re in a tricky spot to access. Building a roof yourself or repairing any damages can void insurance claims or roof warranties.

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