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How to complete a plumbing job successfully

3rd Sep '22 • By

Everybody is on the lookout for dependable, skilled plumbers who can get the job done. Here’s how to complete your plumbing jobs to the highest standard to stay ahead of the competition.

The plumbing service industry includes sanitary, electricity, gas, heating systems, roofing, and drainage, to name a few. Plumbers are in high demand, and they provide essential services to industrial and residential buildings. However, everybody is on the lookout for dependable, skilled plumbers who can get the job done. 

Here’s how to complete your plumbing jobs to the highest standard to stay ahead of the competition.

Article Summary

  1. Provide a fair quote
  2. Prioritise customer service
  3. Arrive on time
  4. Network with customers


1. Provide a Fair Quote

Prepare for your first visit with a customer by giving them a plumbing quotation that includes all of the information they require to employ you. A clear and precise estimate description can help you win the project. When faced with a large project, many plumbers charge an hourly rate. The price varies significantly depending on where you search. Furthermore, most plumbers might charge a one-time call-out fee for services like visiting the client's house to examine the work that has to be done. 

Most plumbers will charge a set rate for smaller jobs. To attract more customers, several businesses offer free, no-obligation plumber quotes. Don't take on a job you're not completely confident with, as a poor-quality result would be damaging to your long-term success. Showcase similar work you've done in the past to stand out. Negotiate, but be reasonable. Check that you and your tradies are being fairly compensated for the work. Include the cost of labour, any equipment and materials, preparation, and any transportation costs if the place is out of your service area.


2. Prioritise Customer Service

Prioritising your clients and their interests would automatically set you apart from competitors who are more concerned with how much they can charge for basic plumbing work. One easy way to show the clients you care for them is to be transparent with them and collaborate with them to find the right solution to their plumbing problems. Remember that providing outstanding customer service makes an impact on your customers, and they will be more likely to contact you again or recommend you to their friends and family in the future.

It's natural for some people to reach a particular level in their career and then lose the motivation that propelled them there in the first place. If you want to develop a great plumbing business, you must never be complacent. Your reputation is your most valuable asset; you'd be surprised how quickly your firm may fail if you allow a slacker attitude to take hold and your work suffers as a result. To boost profitability, you must always improve wherever possible. The better your reputation, the more faith your consumers will have in you. The more faith you establish, the more work you will receive. So, provide the same service for all jobs, big or small.


3. Arrive On Time

It's very important to arrive on time and with all the equipment you need to do your job correctly. If the customer has a schedule, follow it. Arrive on time and notify them if you or your tradies will be late. Consider waiving the call-out fee if you are not on time because of some problem. Before beginning the project, provide precise details of the job to be accomplished as well as the investment needed. 

Respect the customer's budget, keep them updated on the job's progress, and always get approval before performing any extra work. The homeowner will have to be on-site when you are doing the work, so consider giving them a call or sending them a message to remind them about being home. Also, take before and after pictures of your work to post on social media and your website. If you do a good job, your customers might be willing to provide good feedback or testimonials to you. 


4. Network With Customers

We are all aware of the significance of a company's reputation and trustworthiness. This is true for both small and large projects. For example, you may be called in to clean a small drain. If you perform a good job, the homeowners may hire you to undertake some commercial work for their company, or they might recommend you to their friends and family. When building your business, you should also network through different means.

Learn about the individuals who are relevant to your business. If they know who you are and you do a good job, they will either hire you or refer you to someone who is looking to get some plumbing work done. Being a good networker would greatly increase your customer list, resulting in additional jobs. Begin by approaching construction groups that may require your skills for their next project if you are a gasfitter. If you work as a clogged drain specialist, you may be able to contact housing associations, which can refer you to homeowners when an issue occurs.

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