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Things to consider while relocating your office

11th Oct '21 • By Shreya Kulkarni

Things to consider before relocating your office 1. Cost 2. Location 3. Space An office move checklist will help you keep track of the important aspects of moving out and into your new office. It is a way to account for your plans and set realistic expectations within the time frame you set for your move.

Relocating your office means starting afresh, a new endeavour. You mustn’t miss out on the most important things you have to accomplish before moving out. Office relocation is never easy, but it does not need to be frustrating and stressful. Here is your complete guide on the things you need to consider while relocating your office.

Article Overview

  • What to consider while relocating your office?
  • What should be included in your office move checklist?
  • Why should you call for professional removalists?

What to consider while relocating your office?

Relocating your office requires a great load of work and consideration. You must know the important aspects of an office relocation that you need to consider to finish the job efficiently, and within the time frame, you set. Here are some of the considerations you must pay attention to when relocating your office.

1. Cost

Cost is one of the most important factors that you need to consider while relocating your office. It is never cheap to move from one office to another. You have to pay for professional cleaning, professional removalists to transport your office tables, chairs, and supplies, and all other labour that will make the work faster and more efficient.

2. Location

If you want to relocate your office, take into consideration the location where you plan to transfer. The location will affect the cost of service of professional removalists and the comfort of your office at large. If you choose a location that is hard to reach by transportations, it might cause you delays and inconveniences.

3. Space

It is crucial to gauge growth and possible expansion in your new office. It should be a place where you can work comfortably and hone your skills. Your new office will affect your productivity during the adjustment period. That is why you have to make sure that it satisfies your comfort and is compatible with your kind of work.

4. Community

You should consider the community around the new location of your office. The kind of people that surrounds you may affect your work. As much as possible, consider a peaceful community for your relocation. You can also build a small connection with the people around your new location to adjust and feel more comfortable.

5. Professional Service

One of the essential things that you need to consider when relocating your office is professional help, primarily professional removalists. You have to ensure that all your office furniture, cabinets, and supplies will be transferred safely to your new workspace. While you can do some of the works yourself, it is hard to do lifting and moving of large items in your office as well as transporting them.

What should be included in your office move checklist?

An office move checklist will help you keep track of the important aspects of moving out and into your new office. It is a way to account for your plans and set realistic expectations within the time frame you set for your move. Here are the things that should be included in your checklist while relocating your office.

  • Timeline

Create a timeline of the things you need to accomplish within your move. You can set specific dates for the packing and unpacking of your office supplies, as well as your target dates for accomplishing the preparations before you move out.

  • Inventory

An inventory of your office items and supplies is a vital element of your checklist. Your inventory is the account of everything that will be transported to your new office. It is important to ensure that the items will arrive safe and complete in your new office.

  • Budget

The cost estimate will most likely be one of the essential things you should have while relocating your office. Prepare a budget that matches the estimate and add an allowance to possible adjustments. Invest your budget in professional work to make your move more efficient, such as professional removalists. If you are wondering how much do removalists cost, we have a guide just for you. 

Initial Preparation

  • Measure your new space and plan on how will be the placements of your office furniture and supplies.
  • Get multiple removalists’ quotes for free and negotiate your way to the removal service that you need. You can opt for full service that includes the packing, transit, and unpacking of your items, or you can avail of partial service where you will be the one to pack and unpack the items.
  • Settle any financial obligations in your previews office and coordinate with utility companies to uninstall internet, television cable, and other services and install them in your new office.
  • Choose the office supplies that you will keep, dispose of, and donate. Have them placed in separated boxes with labels. Assign ‘open first’ boxes for supplies that are for immediate use.
  • Secure your important documents, such as company reports, bank transaction reports, and the likes.
  • Make sure that your inventory matches the inventory of the removalists. Have it signed for the sake of accountability and ensure that you have efficient communication with them.

On Moving Day

  • Do a final check-in at your office and ensure that you do not miss out on any office necessities.
  • As soon as your essential belongings are safe in transit, you can start sending out the items you will dispose of and donate. You can call for a garbage collector to pick up the items you will dispose of, and you can call for a courier to send out the items you will donate.
  • Keep posted on the status of your belongings while they are in transit, and ensure that they will arrive on time in your new office.

On Arrival Day

  • Observe careful unloading of the items and revisit your inventory. Make sure that it will match.
  • If you paid for full service moving, let the removalists unpack the items. If you opt for partial service, start unpacking the items and check if there are any damages.
  • Do initial cleaning and put your office furniture and supplies in their temporary placement. You can finish the final setup and polish it later after you move in.

Why should you hire professional removalists?

  • Professional removalists handle your items with care. While there is insurance, removalists do not rely on it as much as possible. The sentimental value of the items is their priority. It is better to exert effort in handling items with utmost care than to damage and replace them.
  • Professional removalists help you to save time and money. They are committed to finish the job within an agreed time frame. You do not have to pay for exceeding hours of work. Further, you do not have to pay for the transportation and bear the inconvenience of lifting and moving.
  • Professional removalists are willing to offer extra services to make your move less hassle. Most of the time, they offer cleaning and storing services to ensure your comfort and satisfaction.


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