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Thinking of moving interstate? find out what is involved

12th May '17 • By Allied Pickfords

Many individuals and families who have moved locally within their home town or even to a new suburb in their favourite city often remember certain aspects of their household move that make them think twice about moving house and claim that “this is my final move ever!”

Furniture Removal Interstate

Don’t let that be the case for your interstate relocation.

What sounds like a straightforward task can become a myriad of headaches, problems and unnecessary stress in your life for the days and weeks leading up to the move. The packing, cleaning and logistical nightmares that can be often underestimated are only amplified when moving interstate in Australia.

Moving interstate can be both a new adventure and one jam-packed full of excitement for you and your family, but can quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed about the entire relocation process. There are many considerations in the lead up to an interstate move, so it is important to work together with all parties involved to ensure a streamlined, stress free moving experience. Following these simple steps should make for a far easier interstate relocation.

Destination Research

Searching for a new home is an exciting prospect and one that requires careful consideration – especially if you are undertaking research via the internet. The size of houses and rooms can be deceptive when researching your new home on a computer screen.

Make sure you know the size of your current home and compare the room sizes and floor space to the one you have your eye on. The last thing you want to happen is transporting all your furniture and worldly possessions half way across Australia, only to realise that you are moving into a home that may not be big enough to enjoy with your loved ones, or even fit all of the furniture you currently have!

Furniture Removal Destination Research


For families with children, moving interstate is an even more stressful decision to make. What school will be best for my child? What subjects will be taught? What are the teachers and staff like? Do they offer music, drama or extra curricular sports programs? How far from home will a new school be? Are there buses services direct to the school?

It is important to research and communicate with schools in the area you are looking to move to, whilst also ensuring to involve children in the decision making process. There are many websites and online tools that can be helpful with this research, including the handy resource for parents, educators and the community to receive important information about each of Australia’s schools which can be found at the My School website.


One of the most important parts of moving interstate is planning. Once you have decided that you are moving to a new state in Australia and have found a brand new place to call home, the next step is to prepare for the relocation of your household items, which if you follow these essential steps, should help ease the burden when it comes to the actual move day.

Spring Clean

If you’re planning to move interstate outside of September, October or November then imagine you are back in spring time! As part of the moving process you would have also decided (if you own your own home) whether you plan to sell you old house or rent your old home to new tenants. It is always a good idea to start cleaning and tidying up the premises to prepare the property for either option.

Spring cleaning doesn’t stop at cleaning the bathroom and kitchen! If you have been meaning to sort through your wardrobes for clothes that you have not worn in years and donate any unwanted items to charity, now is a great time to start the process! Cleaning out your wardrobe not only helps you sort through some of the items that you no longer need (like that retro jacket you’re waiting to return to style), but a spring clean of your wardrobe can also help you reduce your costs by removing items that you do not need to transport interstate or will not need at your new home!

Spring Cleaning Furniture Removal

Important Documents

As part of the “spring clean” it is a good idea to find important documents that will be required for your interstate move and useful at your new destination. Some of the items that you may require will be dental and medical records, letters of introduction and children’s records and reports, which a new school will require.

Advise of Your Interstate Move

It is important when moving interstate that you not only notify family, friends and colleagues about your new adventure, but also your local sporting clubs, healthcare providers and banks. There is also the requirement to let the Australian Taxation Office and Electoral Office know of your interstate move. Often, many people also utilise mail redirection services through Australia Post to ensure they do not have any important documents sent to the old address as part of their transition plan.


Disconnecting the electricity, gas, phone and internet are also important considerations to keep in mind when moving interstate in Australia. Regardless of whether you’re renting or buying a new home, it is important to be prepared in this often overlooked aspect of a relocation, to avoid paying for utilities at your old and new home!

There may be different suppliers in your new state and regulations that are in place which affect pricing and setup requirements. It is important to research all of the options available to you and there are many websites readily available with utility information and connection services.

Furniture Removal Utilities

Choosing Interstate Removalists

When looking to move interstate, it is always wise to engage the assistance of a professional removals company in Australia due to the advanced logistics of a long-distance move. There are hundreds of moving companies to choose from and like most things in life you get what you pay for!

One of the common mistakes individuals and families experience when moving interstate, is not receiving accurate quotes from movers. With larger interstate moves, it is advisable to have the moving company physically inspect your items and dedicate time to understanding your moving dates and the services you require.

The last thing you want is to have extra charges on the move day when you have no other options available to you, in what can be a stressful day at the best of times!

Most removals companies will also offer professional packing services and this can be particularly useful should you be pressed for time or have precious pieces of art, antiques or delicate furniture items. It can also be helpful when selecting a provider to ensure they have an office at your destination and storage services available just in case you do not find a home straight away or settlements are delayed.


When you are in “spring clean” mode and have identified any items that you may not want to dispose of, but do not fit at your new home, then it can often be more cost effective to consider storing your furniture and household items, rather than selling them and then having to purchase new items should you be returning home at some point in the future.

There are many self storage facilities in local cities across Australia which will allow regular access to your personal belongings. Should you not require regular access to the items it may be worth asking your interstate removals provider for options on their long term furniture storage options as they can be more cost effective than traditional “self storage” premises.

When moving interstate there are also many circumstances at your final destination to prepare and plan ahead for such as having to temporarily move into a hotel or rented house which may require you to place some or all of your belongings into storage and therefore it is important to ensure these facilities are available to you.

Furniture Removal Storage


If you do have some time and want to save on some of the costs associated with moving interstate, then packing all your household items can be carried out by yourself if you have the correct materials. It is always wise to purchase strong and sturdy moving boxes as they can withstand the weight and transit trauma that many other boxes cannot.

Remember to provide plenty of cushioning by packing loosely crumpled, plain newspaper in the bottom of boxes and be sure to leave room at the top for more crumpled paper. Don’t forget to wrap all fragile, breakable items in paper before packing them in boxes.

Pack large and heavy items first, smaller items next, filling in all empty spaces with paper. Ensure the
moving box is not overfilled and easily closed . Then tape top seams securely and label boxes clearly with your name, room where the box should go in your new home and a brief description of the contents.

What not to Pack

When moving interstate there are certain items that are best carried by yourself either in the car or in your hand luggage:-

  • Jewellery
  • Passports
  • Mortgages
  • Birth certificates
Transit Insurance

Moving interstate exposes your goods to risk as they are not longer in your care or standing still in your home. Roads, rail and various third parties may handle your effects and it is important to understand what level of transit insurance cover your removals provider can provide.

It is important to also research transit insurance cover for any items that you may have packed yourself as some companies will have different coverage options on those items. Ask your removalist for copy of their Product Disclosure Statement so you can fully understand the level of coverage you.

Insurance Furniture Removal

Moving Interstate with Pets

Whether you move your pets yourself or engage specialised pet transportation companies in Australia there are some things you should consider before your move:

  • A veterinary examination to check your pet’s health, update identification tags and discuss precautionary measures for the trip.
  • It is advisable not feed your pet for seven hours prior to your trip, pack a container of fresh, cool water, and stop frequently for walks.
  • If transporting your pets by car, make sure to get your pet comfortable with car travel by taking it on short trips around the neighbourhood before the move.
  • Mark the kennel ‘Live Animal’ with your pet’s name and your contact details.
  • Birds and small pets such as rabbits can travel in their cages if the cage can be placed in a stable, well ventilated area free of drafts.
  • Covering the cage while the car is moving often calms the animal.
  • If travelling by air, contact the airline well in advance to check regulations and available services.
  • Select a large enough pet transport module so that your pet can stand and move around a bit and get your pet accustomed to the kennel well in advance of the trip.

Moving Homes With Pets

Moving with Cars

Whether you choose to drive or use a specialised car transportation company in Australia it is important to ensure your vehicle is in good working order. It may be even worth getting your car serviced prior to your move – especially if you are going to drive from one side of the country to the other!

Check with both states motor registry offices as to the process of changing your address and registration details, as each state across Australia have different laws and regulations.

Settling-in Costs

Be prepared to have some money put aside for some of the things that may have left behind such as food items, cleaning products, BBQ gas bottles and handyman services you may require to help make your new house a home.

If you are moving with children there will be new school uniforms, books and other fees that may be applicable depending on the school you are joining.

Moving Setting In Costs

Meet and Greet your Neighbours

When you are moving interstate you will no doubt be moving away from some of your friends and family members and will need to meet new people at some point. A great place to start is by introducing yourself to the neighbours to get to know them and hopefully build a long lasting relationship with them as most people always state the importance and value of good neighbours!

Often they will introduce to some of the local restaurants, sporting clubs and facilities that you may have been researching and can give you their first hand knowledge and experience on.

The Final Move?

By spending some extra time in the initial stages of your interstate move, engaging professional removalists and prioritising what needs to be moved, then you may just save yourself some headaches and money to make the move a pleasant and enjoyable experience. By taking the time to research and plan may well have you thinking after a while that moving interstate is not that hard after all and this “won’t” be my last move after all!”

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