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How to soundproof a metal roof

11th Dec '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Planning to put a metal roof on your house soon? You may still have a metal roof, but when something comes into contact with it like rain, you are disturbed by the noise it makes. Well, let's fix that and make it soundproof…

Black metal roofThe type of roof that your property has plays an integral role in the building's overall health and the roof’s durability. Over time, the surrounding climate, typical weather, and any foreign variables such as wildlife, plants, etc. can also have an effect on the roof's integrity. 

Steel roofs are becoming increasingly popular for new homes and even when replacing existing roofs as it is one of the roofs that lasts the longest. A durable metal roof can easily last upto 60 years and requires less maintenance and repair work throughout its lifespan. 

There are many different types of metal roofing systems available, and some even come with integrated solar or integrated snow removal systems. 

Popular metal roofing materials found are:

  • Galvanized corrugated steel

  • Aluminum 

  • Copper

  • Tin

  • Tile Sheets

  • Coated Steel 

Metal roofing can have an appealing, finished appearance, with a strong resistance to fire and is much safer and sustainable compared to many other alternatives. The only downside to this type is that metal can be corroded and develop rust. However, modern metal roofs have protective surface layers added to handle damage from exposure to moisture, pollution and other environmental factors.

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A metal roof is also a much more environmentally friendly option as compared to traditional roofs. Mourning a metal roof on your house or shed will reduce your electricity costs considerably.

You have to take special care on the overall roof construction, design material and cost competitiveness if you want your roof to last long. Ultimately, the house needs to be equipped with a solid roof covering, decent insulation, and a strong foundation to withstand unwelcome environmental threats such as strong hailstorms, rain, snow and so on. Hiring a roofing service professional from will ensure that our roofing experts provide you with the best quotes. 

But now, are metal roofs really noisy and how can we soundproof them?

What are the 5 ways in which you can soundproof your metal roof?

Yellow roof insulation

Insulate your ceiling 

The denser the layer between the covering of your roof and your top floor, the less noise you can hear. You can cut down the noise by adding insulation. This is generally done retroactively since when a roof is built with the right form of roof underlay. 

If you have a particularly noisy roof, then you might want to apply a stronger sound deadening insulation in your attic or on the top floor ceiling. If your attic is uninsulated, then that is the first palace to start. A great way to start is to add noise control insulation or spray foam. Both of these strategies can add a physical shield between the loud roof and your home’s interior.

A resilient channel on an existing finished can also be installed. A resilient channel will leave an air gap that will help minimise noise between the insulation and the roof.

properly fastened roof

Make sure the roof is properly fastened

Roof fasteners are what keep the roof securely in place. If your metal roof is improperly mounted by amateur roofers, you can have problems with the fasteners. This can also happen if fasteners are loose or there might not be enough fasteners. It is best to hire a professional roof repairer

When rain or hail hits a roof with fastener issues, the roof may move, which causes the impact to be audible from inside. Take a look yourself or call someone who has metal roofing expertise and have them verify if the roof fasteners are properly mounted. If the fasteners have been attached wrongly and are now loose, this will allow the metal roof to shift only enough to make noise in certain weather conditions. 

If the fastener problems persist, then the noise will continue to echo in the building. A change in temperature can also impact a metal roof that is poorly attached. The expansion and contraction of the roof would doubtless worsen the condition during seasonal shifts. 

Roofer adding underlay

Install roof underlayment 

A roof undulating can also be installed when the metal roof is installed. Mats made of nylon filaments and foam insulating sheers are some of the most common types of materials used for a roof underlay, a crucial step in minimising metal roof noise is to add a sublayer between the metal roofing and the roof sheathing. 

During the installation process, this is a step that must be taken. If the roof is built without a good underlay of the roof, you will experience a noise that may lead people to believe that it is a bad idea to buy a metal roof. There is no need to think about noise when you have these materials between you and your roof. 

Flat roof metal black

Select a silent roof profile 

The type of steel roof you choose will impact the amount of noise that is produced in the building. Corrugated steel roof will be a more noisier option during inclement weather conditions. 

A flat or standing seam metal may be taken into account in the expectation of making the roof as silent as possible. As well as general experience, these roofing styles hug the roof deck with much less resonance and noise particularly on those windy winter nights

One thing to remember is that it's not just the form or metal but the consistency of the material. The higher and more complicated the quality of the metal roof, the stiffer it is and is less likely to vibrate more. 

Although the shape of the metal can have some influence on noise levels relative to the flat metal profile, it is the rigidity, power and quality of the material that is highly influential on how noisy the roof would end up being. 

Black shiny metal roof

Trust your roofer

Noise should not be a concern with proper materials and expert construction. Our certified experts in roofing have years of experience building metal roofs. If you are seeking a metal roof, contact and we will refer an expert to help you decide what type of roofing materials are appropriate for your house and your budget. Post a job on our website if you already have a metal roof and are hearing high levels of noise. Any way, we will do our utmost to ensure that you do not have to think about metal roof noise.

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