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What do stonemasons do?

8th May '16 • By Emily Ayers

Have you ever wondered what a stone mason does? As suggested by its name, a stonemason is responsible for cutting and making geometric shapes from rough pieces of stone or rock.


These shapes can be reused as monuments in homes, offices and public venues. Stonemasons engage in a real work of art, they create structures that can leave you mesmerised. Most stonemasons take a lot of pride in the work they do.

The Rise of Stonemasons

Since the beginning of civilisation, stonemasons have created different statues, buildings and structures. Some of the world’s greatest works include the Taj Mahal, Chartres Cathedral, Stonehenge and Easter Island Statues. Indeed, the Stonehenge is more than several centuries old but still intact!


As mentioned previously, stonemasonry cut and shape irregular pieces of rocks into accurate, measure shapes for decoration and/or building. They maintain horizontal and vertical alignment in their works using a plumb bob, levels and gauge lines. With the help of a straight edge, staked lines and rules, they lay out wall patterns and foundations. Defects are smoothed using a chisel, hammer and power grinder. When stonemasons work on monuments, they remove parts and can even transport them using skids, cranes and hoists.


Different Types of Stonemasons

There are several different types of stonemasons. Here is a quick walk through few well known stonemasons:

  1. Quarryman is responsible for splitting rocks through its vein. Chunks of rough stone are extracted from the sheets of rocks.
  2. Sawyer mason is responsible for shaping chunks of stones into the right shape and size. They specialise in using saws with diamond tips.
  3. Banker mason is responsible for making building designs. They work in personalised workshops and hones. The ultimate goal of a banker mason is to ensure shapes stones are used naturally in the buildings.
  4. Carver mason is responsible for creating designs and patterns. They are known for their artistic qualities.
  5. Fixer mason is responsible for repairing fixing stones that are positioned on building structures. These professionals specialise in working in highly dangerous positions and altitudes. Indeed, they manipulate heavy pieces with the help of lift systems.
  6. Memorial mason is responsible for carving on memorials, gravestones and statues.

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