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Attic to room conversion tips

21st Feb '16 • By Emily Ayers

Here are our top tips to convert your attic into a light, airy room for your family and guests to enjoy.


Attic spaces are often underused and among the first spaces homeowners think to convert into rooms. Attics can often function as additional bedrooms, increasing the overall floorspace of your home and thereby increasing its value proposition to buyers. Converting attic spaces can at times be a huge job and if you are not careful the results can unfortunately project a dark, oppressive feeling.

Skylights Make Rooms Feel Airier

Skylights are a huge benefit to any attic room, particularly those that are on the small side. Skylights introduce natural light into your room, and can provide window space which might otherwise be impossible. Dormer windows are another option (below), although these windows are expensive to install, the effect creates a larger feeling room. This makes the space more comfortable to live in – perfect for bringing out the best in a forgotten space.


Decorate in Light Colours

Light colours are extremely useful when it comes to making rooms feel lighter, brighter and bigger than they are. Compared to dark colours, lighter shades can make attic spaces seem more spacious and therefore more comfortable. Darker colours will make the room feel overbearing and could make the room feel like an even darker space.

Reinforce Floors

The floor of your attic should not be assumed to be liveable from the get go and it is often a good idea to lay down a new floor in the attic space to ensure it can comfortably take the weight of furniture and a new room. Remember that your attic may not have been designed to be walked on, let alone lived in – remember to always seek professional help if you are unsure.


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