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How to design an attention grabbing front entrance

16th Jun '17 • By Emily Ayers

Your front entrance is the first thing guests will see when they visit your home, and first impressions matter! Make your entryway stand out with these 6 great ideas.

Grand Front Door

Impress visitors with a generous front door that makes them say “wow!” Large doors are a great way to make a statement and are sure to grab attention. The most popular designs we see submitted through our platform are natural timber and modern sliding designs. 

Grand Front Door

Glass Door

Nothing says modern and sleek like glasswork built into the architecture. Glass windows combined with a glass front door is a great way to create the illusion of a sizable front door. These designs help make your home look open and connected to the outdoors.

Glass Front Door

Large Wooden Beams

A little creativity and craftsmanship can be used to accentuate the front entrance. Wooden beams built to frame of the entrance look beautiful and give a rustic look to the house. These beams could be in the traditional triangular shape with supporting pillars or arched to offer a softer look.  

Pop of Colour

A dose of bright, bold paint can never go astray when it comes to grabbing attention. There are so many beautiful colours to choose from. Our favorites are shades of blue, green and earth tones. Just make sure to select the right hue for your entrance so that it goes with the overall style and design of the house.

Front Door Bold Colour

The Driveway

“The driveway has an incredibly large footprint at the front of your home so it is important to get it right in order to make a strong impression and add value to the home,” explains Jason Hodges, landscaping expert and Adbri Masonry brand ambassador. A great way to create a beautiful and attention grabbing driveway is with permeable paving - an intelligent design that helps water pass through the pavers rather than run across or down the driveway.

Light up The Way

Put your front entrance in the spotlight! Great lighting not only improves the aesthetics of your home, it also helps keep your entryway safe by deterring burglars. Solar lighting or motion sensor lights can be used to illuminate the path up to the entryway. Hanging lights are also a wonderful way to beautify the entrance and brighten up the area.

Front Entrance Lighting

Feature Pieces

Feature pieces are a great way to create an interesting focal point for home. For example, place a few flower pots and plants against the entryway or line the entrance with trees. Use beautifully coloured tiles for the steps leading up the walkway or place chairs nearby to give a warm, welcoming look.

Feature Pieces

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