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How to pick a power drill?

15th Jul '20 • By Rohit Mankame

Many factors must be taken into consideration before you shop for drills. With this being said, here are a few factors to help you.

power drill used by manHow to pick a power drill?

Over the years, the power drill has turned into a useful tool any homeowner can own. Drills are sold in different shapes, sizes and styles. Also, drills are designed with standard features that make them extremely essential. This is why you should think twice before you pick a power drill.

In general, drill sets are sold with one chuck and bits. So, what is a chuck? Chuck is the three-pronged holder where the drill is placed. They are universal and can be found with painter, plumbers, carpenters, electricians and handymen.

Cordless versions of the device are sold with chargers and additional features that can hold the bits. The drill is one of the most important parts of the entire set. This is why you should focus on the drill while making a buy.

red drill power drill

Types of drills

You would want to limit your search, depending on what voltage drill you want, before comparing individual versions. This is a sign of strength.   Bear in mind, however, that although a cordless 18- or 20-volt drill can be more effective than a 12-volt model, it's also more cumbersome.

The 12-volt drills of today can comfortably move a few hundred decking screws on a single charge, and are usually all the power required by the average homeowner. Yet for pushing big lag bolts they wouldn't be your first preference. You would like to use a robust 18-volt model for this, which can even dig into brick or concrete walls.

Cordless drill ratings are classified into three groups depending on how you might use the drill:

  • Heavy-duty,
  • General-purpose and 
  • Light-duty. 

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The two “Cs”

First of all, verify if the drill is convenient and comfortable. A lot of buyers forget to verify this factor. They ponder if drills have a comfort quotient. Here is a simple scenario to prove the need for comfort and convenience. What would the user do if the drill doesn’t fit in their hands? This is when basic drilling sessions can become painful and difficult. If you want to drill holes competently, the drill set should be comfortable. The handles are designed in three different styles, namely right angle, T-handles and pistol grip. Also, check if the drill’s switches and controls are positioned in accessible spots.


Secondly, keep an eye on the drill’s power. Technically, “Power” defines the kind of tasks a drill can perform. Power is measured in volts and most models range between 7 and 24 volts. The 7 volt models are meant for light drilling and to perform the tasks of a cordless screwdriver. On the other hand, 24 volt power drills can handle tough tasks effortlessly. But remember that high voltage models are likely to weigh heavier and look bigger.

power drill with cord

Cord versus cordless

Next, check if you want cordless or corded drills. According to experienced users, cordless drills promise convenience. They can be placed anywhere and used on the go. However, these drills rely on battery life. If the job becomes difficult, the drills are likely to last for a shorter period of time. Fortunately, sophisticated cordless drill machines have spare batteries. You can charge one and use it when the other drains away!

Brushless technology

Brushless technology is the latest innovation in cordless drills.

Unlike a conventional brushed drill motor, the motor in a brushless drill doesn’t have brushes. That means less heat and friction is created when operating the drill so there's less wear and tear and ultimately greater durability.

A brushless motor is also more efficient and more powerful than a brushed drill motor. It gives more torque, speed and run time—meaning you can get more work done in between charges. It gives you more torque, speed and time to run meaning you can do more work in between charges.

green power drill bit


Find two Drill batteries. You will switch it over as one runs dry, and keep working as the one sits empty. Consider how long you want the battery to last between charges. You will figure out more by looking at the number of the amp-hour (Ah) of the pack. The higher the amount, the longer the battery lasts. The trade-off is that larger batteries are heavier.

Battery options 

Lithium-ion batteries are what you'll find these days in almost all the cordless devices. Older models also used batteries of nickel-cadmium which perform well when tools are worked hard and often. However, the battery structure is much more volatile and less environmentally safe than lithium-ion batteries that produce high-range power over the life of the battery as well if not better.


Finally, keep track of why and when you need the drill. “Usage” can influence the choice of product drastically.

In sum, keep these key factors in mind to ensure the power drill you purchase suits your needs and requirements, first and foremost.

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