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Should i repaint my kitchen cupboards or replace them?

3rd May '19 • By

Kitchen cabinets are one of the key features of a kitchen that make up most of the visual space, and are often the first thing you notice when you walk into the room. If your kitchen cupboards are dragging down the look of your kitchen, then it’s time for an update.

Should i repaint my kitchen cupboards or replace them?

However, the big question is: should you do a complete overhaul and replace the cupboards as part of a kitchen renovation, or get away with only painting them for a fresh look? A new coat of paint could freshen up your outdated cabinets while replacing them gives your kitchen a whole new appearance.


Considering the cost factor could help you make a decision. Replacing your kitchen cabinets is a costly affair. Getting a new set of kitchen cabinets can easily upset your budget as they can take up half of the overall cost of a kitchen renovation. If the cabinets are of high quality and intact, there is no need to replace them. You can hire a professional cabinet painting company to do a fresh paint job.

However, if the cabinets are structurally ruined and no longer close or open properly or are showing signs of mould, it is better to replace them. 


Should I hire a professional or DIY?


Painting your kitchen cabinets as a DIY project can be fun and potentially save you a lot of money. But you wouldn’t know all the tricks of the trade that come with the experience of a professional painter. And there’s more to the job than just buying a set of brushes and your favourite colour. There’s a lot of prep work, choosing the right primer, and the precise tools, and the best paints you would need to complete the painting process.

If you hire a professional painter, you need not worry and can sit back and relax. Hired professionals would be licensed, trained and qualified to do the best job for you. You can find professional service providers on to re-paint your old kitchen cabinets to create a brand-new look. Also, the quality and speed of service would be much higher.

The overall cost of repaint could be around $3,000 if your kitchen cupboards are in bad shape and require a decent amount of work. However, a full replacement of your kitchen cupboards could cost you anything between $6,000 and $8,000. Having to replace your entire cabinetry along with updating your benchtops, electrical wiring and more would mean higher costs. Consider the best cleaning methods for different types of kitchen benches to improve their appearance and longevity.


Replacing or repainting?


At the end of the day, it all comes down to the work you wish to undertake and the technique you would prefer to use. If your kitchen cupboards are in great shape but you are looking for a change because you are tired of the colour, then repainting them is the more economical and sensible choice. You’ll be surprised by the wonderful results a simple re-paint can give your cupboards. Once the experts are finished working on them, they’ll look brand new and refreshing – as good as a new set of cabinets. You’ll be amazed by the results of a quick makeover with paint.

Alternatively, if you are looking to revamp the cabinets because they are less functional, then replacement is the better choice by a qualified Carpenter or Cabinetmaker. No amount of repainting can make them functional and suitable for your changing needs. The only reasonable course of action, in that case, is changing the entire layout to suit your needs. 


Some kitchen cabinets could also do with a mix-and-match option. When you go for mix and match, you restore some of your existing cabinets and replace the rest. If your kitchen cabinet is not fully functional to suit your needs, this is one of the most practical options for you. You may still have to incur additional costs but the results would be great. Furthermore, this would be a cheaper option than going for a full replacement.

However, if you are looking to change the entire layout, it is better to get expert help by getting quotes for cabinet making.


In short, it is always advisable to get the job done by experts if you are going for a complete kitchen renovation. Even in cases where you could do the project yourself – changing knobs or sanding back - it is important you have some handy DIY skills to guarantee a successful DIY project. Or else, you would end up spending more than you intended to in the first place. 

For any extensive remodelling, it is better to hire an expert tradesperson. They will not only provide you with valuable design direction but can also help you achieve a better result. 

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