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5 tips to secure the best price on your build

10th Sep '22 • By

Can you really secure a reasonable price on your build? Yes, you can. It involves negotiating costs with a builder.

Owning a home is one of the significant investments many of us want to achieve. Buying an existing property is often the easiest way to acquire one, while others who wish to own a home with specific features find a custom build is a viable choice. However, building from scratch is not cheap, and the construction cost is skyrocketing gradually. 

Can you really secure a reasonable price on your build? Yes, you can. It involves negotiating costs with a builder. We discuss the ways you can achieve the best deal on your construction project.  


1. Explore Your Options

The easiest way to know whether you’re getting the best deal is by talking to various builders. For instance, when you have 3 to 4 builders, you’ll receive different builder quotes from them; thus, you have something to compare. 

With options of various builders, you’ll have an easier time choosing one who offers the most for your budget. However, you must not focus too much on the cost and forget to compare the quality. Additionally, ensure they are licensed and insured before hiring them. It’s a no-brainer, but avoid settling for a single estimate. And so, ensure you have enough time to shop around for the right builder. 

Most importantly, prepare the details of your project adequately, and ensure you don’t miss out on any essential information. This will help you get more accurate quotes from the builder.


2. Negotiate the Best Price With Your Builder

After you have selected the most suitable builder, you can attempt to negotiate the prices. There are several things you can focus on while negotiating to secure a good deal. Here are our tips: 

Do Your Research 

Researching is one of the most critical parts of the negotiation process. The goal is to have an idea about your project, what you expect from a builder, and probably the things worth negotiating. Focus researching on your project’s timeframe, work involved, and cost of materials. You can also look into reviews and testimonials of other clients your selected builder has worked on recent or similar projects. 

Negotiate Upgrades 

Regardless of your efforts to negotiate for a lower price, most builders might not move down the price. Instead, you can always try to negotiate on upgrades of some features. They include cabinets, extra space, landscaping, backsplash, and lighting, for example.

Be Realistic 

A builder is running their own business; therefore, be mindful and avoid unrealistic negotiations. If the builder is not wavering on price and is beyond your budget, then they may not be the best fit for your situation. Similarly, don’t expect high-end services on a low budget. Instead, generally have realistic expectations about the builder also needing to consider their costs and business success.


3. Spend Money Where It Counts 

If some of the features are not really necessary and the cost exceeds your budget, you can always make changes to stay within your range. Some of these things you can do without are upgrades and luxury finishes. These are things you can continually improve later. Get multiple costs to find out how much a builder costs and choose someone who works best for you. 


4. Take Advantage of Quiet Seasons 

Like any other industry, the construction business has a low season. These are among the ideal times you can secure the best price for your build. In addition, you have better chances of more dedicated time to communicate since the contractors have few projects on their list. 

5. Breakdown of the Project 

At times builders will list things you might not need or are unnecessary as part of your project. However, some of them will invite you for a meeting to go over the project schedule and cost breakdown. 

It’s the opportunity to do away with some unnecessary project elements and stay within the budget range. Also, enquire about some of the things you don’t understand. 

It will help you get an account of how each coin will be spent. It will also help you recognise areas that matter, and where spending big is reasonable and where to cut down the cost. 

Constructing a home is a significant investment. Therefore, it requires your efforts to ensure you stay within the budget and that a builder delivers what you pay for. 

You may opt to source your own materials, negotiate with a builder and build during the low season. Additionally, shop for builders to select who suits your budget and can deliver to your expectations. 

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