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Tips and tricks for fixing carpet problems

6th Oct '16 • By Emily Ayers

If you want your carpet to look its best and increase its life, you should follow the next few tips. 


Carpet Rips
Over time carpet will split in high traffic zones. As soon as you see this occur, glue down edges to prevent further tear. However this is a temporary fix, you should hire a professional installer as soon as possible to fix the issue.


Carpet Rippling
If you find your carpet rippled, it is usually because of humidity. As the climate becomes warmer and drier, this issue will usually fade away. Use a dehumidifier to fasten the process. If rippling still occurs, you can hire a carpet installer to re-stretch or replace the carpet depending on the damage. Tip: avoid moving heavy furniture around the room, this can speed up carpet rippling.


Carpet Fraying
If there are tufts or frays, you shouldn’t pull them out. Use sharp objects like scissors to tidy up the area.


Popping Seams
If the carpet is not installed properly between walls, you will see seams popping out between the sections. This problem happens if carpets are not glued properly. In most cases, areas with high traffic cause carpet tears and seams. The solution: you can glue the seams back in and apply pressure. Most hardware stores and carpet deals have seam adhesives to fix this issue.


Fading with Time & Light
Furnishings and floors are likely to fade with time and with exposure to sunlight. You can reduce the rate at which carpets fade by installing curtains or shades to block the sunlight. The best solution is to install carpet that is resistant to fading or hire a professional who can re-dye the surface.

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