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Why you should get your solar panels professionally cleaned

11th Aug '16 • By Emily Ayers

When solar panels build up with dirt and dust, their efficiency decreases. Meaning, your solar panels will not generate at maximum output. The solution, however, is simple.


Regular cleaning and maintenance, will keep your panels running smoothing and effectively. Proper cleaning methods will ensure you get the most out of solar panels.

A common misconception that can be made is that rain is enough to keep panels clean, but this is not the case;

  • Rain alone cannot remove tough stains like bird or bat droppings.
  • Rain can make solar panels more dirty. After it rains, pollen and dust can fall onto the panels and stick.

For this reason, it is important to wash solar panels once every two to three years. In practice you should carefully consider the trade-offs versus the cost benefit. Unless your solar panel is visibly dirty, it might not be worth the cost benefit.

Professional cleaning is important if your solar panels are not reachable from the ground. Each year, there are many people who fall from the ladders and roofs aiming to clean their solar panels. Unless you have the required skills, we do not recommend undertaking the process yourself.


If you choose to undertake solar panel cleaning yourself, it is essential to wash solar panels with a gentle soap solution. Above all do not hose off the panels as the minerals in the water may create a white film and this may hinder energy production.

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