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4 tips to lower power consumption during summer

27th Aug '22 • By

Want to stop the post-summer bill shock? Here are some hot tips to help you save money on energy this season.

It’s no denying that Australian summers get hot, and looking at the power bill at the end of the season isn’t often a pleasant experience, thanks to the costs of keeping the house cooler. Electricity prices have risen dramatically in recent years, causing some consumers to reconsider their energy consumption. 

The positive news is that there is a lot you can do to reduce your costs by adjusting how and where you use electricity and searching around for an energy contract that meets your needs. 

Want to stop the post-summer bill shock? Here are some hot tips from cooling and recycling experts to help you save money on energy this summer.


1. Check Your Electrical System

Before the summer starts, check your electrical systems. Hire a local and licensed electrician to check which appliances are overusing the power and get them fixed before the season starts. If you have older appliances that you know use a lot of electricity, now is the time to repair or replace them. Get three free no-obligation electrician quotes

Hot water heaters use one-fifth of household electricity, and older electrical systems could be operating at peak hours of the day when power is most expensive. An electrician will add timers that will switch off the hot water system at the most costly times of the day. A backyard pool with old pumps is another significant drag on a home's energy use. You would want to speak to your nearest swimming pool store about how to reduce your energy consumption. Setting timers will also help you conserve electricity.


2. Ditch the AC

Every degree lower you set your air conditioner could add 10% to your energy bills. Holding the temperature at 18 degrees during the day, for example, would cost you much more than keeping it at 25 degrees. In the same way as you take care of your vehicle by having it serviced on a routine basis, the air conditioner can also do well if it is serviced regularly. High-pressure cleaners are used by refrigeration mechanics to clear fungus, bacteria, and other build-up from the air conditioner filters. 

If your air conditioner is not serviced, it needs to work even harder to cool your house, using more kilowatts in the process. Consider using a ceiling or vertical fan. It consumes less than 10% of the energy used for air conditioning. By keeping the fan blades clean, they can be more aerodynamic and need less power to operate. Bonus points if you remember to turn off the fan before leaving the house.


3. Use Energy-Efficient Appliances

When calculating the expense of a new TV, microwave, or washing machine, the cost does not reveal the whole picture. You will also be charged with the electricity used to power your home appliance. Many appliances with lower sales prices can end up costing you more in energy over the product's lifespan. Compare the Energy Rating Label on your home appliances such as televisions, computers, dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, and clothes dryers and choose the one with the most stars. 

Install the appliance such that it performs smoothly and at peak performance. Refrigerators, for example, should not be put near ovens or hot spots so they would have to work harder to remain cold. Proper use and maintenance are also important, such as allowing hot food to cool before putting it in the fridge and fixing seals on the fridge door to prevent cold air from leaking out. To help you solve all these problems, call an electrician to help you. Here’s a guide on how much electricians cost.


4. Solar Power

Experiencing hot summers isn't something new for Aussies. So why not take advantage of the heat? Installing a solar hot water system will help you save money on your electricity bills. You can also program your solar hot water system's timer to heat your water during off-peak hours, when energy costs are lower. Reducing your reliance on electric power and beginning to use renewable energy to power your home is one of the most powerful ways to minimise your electricity bill this summer. 

Installing solar panels on your roof is an investment in your future, with the potential to save you thousands of dollars over the years. You can have even more power for your energy consumption by adding batteries to your system. It will assist you in storing the energy produced by your solar panels. This can be used later in the evening and during busy hours when buying power from the grid is more expensive. Summer is an excellent time to add battery capacity to your solar power system since that is when your solar panels are at their most effective.

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