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Why you should choose quality materials for your home’s electrical wiring

8th Dec '22 • By

If you’re living in an old house and are wondering if your electrical system is still up to scratch, this article is for you, as it’s critical to have quality wiring in your home.

We rely on electricity for most aspects of our daily lives, making a power outage extremely inconvenient. If you live in an older home and have never had your wiring inspected, now is the time. There’s a high chance it’s never been replaced, which means your fuse box and wiring were installed at a time when we did not utilise power to the extent that we do now. 

There were no smart houses that used a lot of power, or even phones and laptops that needed charging. We put a lot of strain on our fuse boxes and wiring, so if you’re not sure when your electrical wiring was last checked, call an electrician. They can check your property’s electrical wiring and recommend the steps forward.

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What are the common electrical wiring problems to look for?

Look for broken, missing, or damaged wire insulation that exposes the metal component of the wire. This is a common problem, and wires with broken insulation should be repaired by a professional. Exposed splices (not in an electrical box) covered in contemporary plastic electrical tape suggest that the wires have not been soldered. Splices that are exposed should be soldered.

Old wiring was not designed to accommodate today's appliances, which may require 30-, 40-, or 50-amp service. Old wire circuits should not be fused for more than 15 amps as a general rule. So, the fridge, iron or air conditioner that you have today are adding a significant load on your old circuit. This is a very dangerous situation.

If you spot any of these issues, hire an electrician immediately. Find out how much an electrician costs

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Reasons to Get Your Wiring Looked At

There are several reasons why you should consider upgrading the wiring in your home. If your home was built more than thirty years ago, the installation may be insufficient for current needs and may be out of date. If your circuit switchboard often trips, your lights turn on and off, or you hear buzzing sounds from lights and cables, and you have burned power outlets, these are all clear indications that your wiring needs to be replaced.

Also, if you don't have enough power outlets, you should consider rewiring your house. Rewiring is a major undertaking that raises many safety issues.

So when you decide that you need to replace your current electrical wiring system, we recommend you get at least three electrician quotes. These will help you evaluate the costs, materials used and select the best electrician for the job. It is important you ask the electrician to use quality materials even if it means a higher price. You can’t put a price on safety.

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Why choose quality material for your housing wiring?

You should not compromise on the quality of electric wires used in house wiring. When installing electrical wiring in your house, choose well-insulated, high-quality electric wires. These cables must be shockproof and capable of delivering electricity in an uninterrupted and dependable manner. 

When choosing electrical cables and wires, you must be cautious and bear in mind the amount of damage that is likely to occur as a result of poor quality cables. Quality cables have a high tensile strength and excellent resilience to high temperatures. Copper wires are commonly used for home wiring. If the wires are of poor quality, heat may be produced, resulting in a short circuit.

Another thing old houses lack is proper earthing. Inadequate earthing can lead to significant issues. The primary functions of earthing are overvoltage protection and voltage stability. A good earthing system ensures safety and prevents electric shocks. Electronic equipment malfunctions due to a floating or unintentional ground. As a result, you should not neglect the significance of appropriate earthing.

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Purchase the best electrical wires from a reputable and recognised brand. Using high-quality electric wires ensures complete safety and enjoyment. When purchasing power cables, it is critical to double-check the product's quality and brand.

Good electricians only work with certified reputable brands and use good quality materials. You must follow a number of legal requirements and safety precautions while on the job. While some minor repairs may be completed on your own, electrical rewiring of the house should be left to the professionals.

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