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3 reasons why you need a pool fence

21st Oct '22 • By

The swimming pool is one of the best features of any household that has one. The kids and the whole family can have fun, and it’s the ideal place to relax or entertain in summer.

A swimming pool fence protects you and your family from swimming pool-related accidents that you may encounter while enjoying your time outside. It also restricts access to the pool, which safeguards children who can’t swim.

A fencing expert can help install a swimming pool fence to keep everyone safe all year round. This type of tradesperson is equipped with skills and experience in making the perfect fences to fit your space. Find out how much a fencing installer costs and get free pool fencing quotes to estimate the price of a professional pool fence installation service.

pool at night with steel fence fireplace and lounge

Reasons Why You Need Pool Fence

As much as it seems convenient to have direct access to your pool when you step into your yard, it’s dangerous to have the pool area open, especially for children. That is why it is crucial to have a pool fence installed by a professional. Here are the key reasons why pool fences are an essential investment for your home.

1. For Safety

It has always been stressed that a pool fence is essential in ensuring safety in and outside the pool area. If you have children in your household, it is imperative to have a pool fence installed as soon as possible. A pool fence can prevent children from accessing the pool on their own. It also restricts them from going out of the pool area alone. 

pool with stone feature wall

2. For Privacy

If your pool area is visible to the neighbours, you can install a pool fence to add privacy while enjoying your pool. This is useful regardless of whether you’re relaxing alone, spending time with your family, or entertaining during a weekend BBQ.

3. For Avoidance of Unwanted Guests

Pool areas that can be freely accessed can attract critters and other unwanted guests. There are animals around who tend to come in and go in your living space, and your pool is not an exception to the areas they’ll visit. For instance, your neighbourhood cat might wander in and can contaminate the water or make a mess. This unpleasant inconvenience can be avoided if you have your pool fences installed as soon as possible.

pool with white timber fence

Pool Fencing Ideas

While you’re searching for a fencing expert to install your pool fences, it is important to know what type of pool fence you’d prefer to have in your pool area. You can choose a pool fence to match the style of your home while functioning as you need it to. Here are some of the pool fencing ideas that you can consider for your pool at home.

1. Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing uses iron tubes that are mainly round or square to surround the pool area. These are tall bars of iron, welded and aligned along the perimeters of your pool area. It is heavy-duty fencing and cannot be easily trespassed by anyone who tries to access your pool. Wrought iron fencing can also be found in resorts to separate pool areas for kids and adults. This kind of fencing requires minimal maintenance because its iron is non-tarnish and can last for years.

pool with timber fence surrounded by trees

2. Glass Fencing

If you want more elegant fencing for your pool area, glass fencing is an ideal option. Glass fencing can turn your pool area into a luxurious focal point thanks to its sleek appearance. You can have clear acrylic or pure glass fencing for your pool. The only disadvantage of this fencing is that it is fragile, but you can have a scratch and shock-proof glass that lasts longer and is more robust than regular glass. You can learn more about this type of fencing in our glass pool fencing cost guide.

3. Wood Fencing

Wood fencing is one of the most straightforward to install. Wood fencing is robust, sustainable, and can fit any household style or design. It also offers complete coverage of your pool area without any hole to see through. In that way, it improves your safety and privacy. Although there are wood fences that are assembled with spaces in between, most of the wood fences are fully covered. This kind of fencing is widely used for households and even in resorts. 

No matter what your personal preference or circumstances are, there is a type of pool fencing to meet your needs.

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