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10 perfect gift ideas for any dad this father's day

29th Aug '19 • By Jacob Banks

This Father’s Day, make your dad feel like the most special person in the world, by surprising him with these 10 perfect gifts.

Fathers Day Gifts

Sporty Dad.png
#1 The Sporty Dad

Is your dad a sport fanatic? Help your dad support his club with the jersey or scarf of his local sports team. As well, pick out an accessory from his favourite sport - this could be a basketball, baseball mitt, cricket bat or football, and have a few games in the backyard on Father’s Day. And if you want to go that little bit extra, get him 2 tickets to the next game and watch it together!


Nerdy Dad
#2 The Nerdy Dad

The perfect gift for any tech savvy dad this Father’s day is without a doubt a VR headset. You can get one of these bad boys for just under $100 from most local technology stores like JB HiFi. Virtual reality sets detect the wearer's movement, allowing them look around a virtual space and interact using a remote. If your dad is up with the latest tech, this is must for the Nerdy Dad type.


Bespoke Dad
#3 The Bespoke Dad

Get something made especially for your dad’s personal style. Every man needs a good tie and handkerchief and this Father’s Day, get your dad a custom made set - he’ll be blown away! This is definitely a gift your dad will love and need.


Intellectual Dad
#4 The Intellectual Dad

Does your dad enjoy sitting down to a good book? A Kindle provides a digital book store right to your fingertips, and that’s not even the best part - it reads like a book. Sharp, dark texts make the Kindle seem like you’re looking at the page of a book. When you’re not familiar with the meaning of a particular word, simply click on the text and you’ll be provided with its definition. This way your dad can show off how intellectual he is with his new vocabulary!


Handy Dad
#5 The Handy Dad

If you have a Handy Dad who’s always working on a project around the home, the perfect gift is a new tool box or tools. Make his next reno easier with a new nail gun, chainsaw or whipper snipper. If he already has it all, a chocolate tool kit a safer bet and sure to get a few laughs.


Collector Dad
#6 The Collector Dad

Do you tend to find your dad polishing his coin collection or gushing to new house guests about his 1920’s antique? You’ll find your dad’s perfect gift at the nearest antique or second-hand shop. Check the date stamps on the antiques that look desirable and just keep in mind: the older, the better. Find out the history of the item you are purchasing and have a story to tell your Pops upon opening the gift - He’ll love the history of his new gem and the thought you put into his special present!


Silly Dad
#7 The Silly Dad

If your dad doesn’t take things too seriously, he’ll love wearing matching t-shirts with you. Find something that both of you love, like a favourite tv show, artist, or team and get it printed on two shirts (one for you and the other for him). Wear them together while watching TV or out together for fun!


Masterchef Dad
#8 The MasterChef Dad

Does your dad enjoy a good meal? Take him and/or the whole family out to dinner to his favourite restaurant. Or if you’re willing to take on the challenge of cooking for your MasterChef Dad prepare a breakfast bounty in the morning, he’ll love it!


Musician Dad
#9 The Musician Dad

The distinct sound of a vinyl record is unparalleled to any other, and what better gift idea for the music enthusiast? Vinyl records are becoming more and more popular and as such, easier to find and buy. Most record players can be purchased for around $100 - $150. If your Musician Dad is a bit of a Nerdy Dad you can even get a Star Wars themed record player.


Active Dad
#10 The Active Dad

The Active Dad deserves a watch that can withstand his vigorous training routine, and that watch is Casio’s G-Shock. These watches can withstand any shock or damage you could possibly throw at them and they look deadly! Alternatively, if you're after a more streamlined look, a Fitbit watch is the way to go. They sync with your smartphone and track your heart rate, exercise, food and sleep. What’s more, Fitbit’s are waterproof and are a fraction of the cost of other smartwatches on the market.

Keep in mind, no matter what ‘type’ of dad you have, they’ll appreciate your time more than anything else. So, spend time with your dad on Father’s Day and make him feel loved. 

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