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5 quick repairs to do before you sell your home

27th Mar '17 • By Emma Lewis -

When potential buyers are coming to tour your home, it’s almost like a first date.

5 Quick Home Repairs Before You Sell

5 Quick Repairs Before You Sell

Making a great impression is important, and you want them to feel that spark that draws them in. If things are banged up and beaten down, they may not see the appeal at first. By taking the time to do a few quick repairs, you’re allowing potential buyers to see how much charm your home really has. They’ll be less busy focusing on the minor imperfections and totally occupied imagining themselves living there.

1. Check Your Walls 

Obviously, no one wants to see holes in the walls, mold damage, or peeling paint. If you need to do a few bits of patch work, it’s inexpensive and likely easy enough for you to do yourself. Outside of repairing actual problems with your walls, you might also want to paint them. You’ve probably decorated and painted according to your tastes, and the next buyer may not have the same taste you have. Stick to flattering neutral shades


2. Handle Your Floors 

Replacing floors can be expensive, and if you aren’t working with a large repair budget, it might be impossible for you to do so. If you can’t, at least do the best with what you’ve got. Have your carpets deep cleaned to remove any stains. Make sure all of your tile grout lines are scrubbed clean, as they tend to grow dingy with age. If you have hardwood floors, you’ll need to replace at least the warped or scratched boards, and you may want to have the floors refinished. 

Floor Sanding

3. Fix the Fixtures

You probably got used to drippy faucets or light fixtures that flicker from time to time. Usually, these are small issues that aren’t indicative of larger damage. Potential buyers may not know that. Flickering lights may cause them to worry about electrical issues, and dripping faucets could inspire fears of mold. If you can’t repair fixtures that need work, you might want to replace them. In most cases, this can be done affordably by anyone with some basic home handiness knowledge. 

Fix Fixtures

4. Work On Your Kitchen

When you’re browsing homes on Gumtree, you’ll probably find that you instantly react to a gorgeous kitchen. You’re not alone. Buyers are most concerned with kitchens and bathrooms because these areas have the most built-in features and fixtures, where bedrooms and living spaces are largely blank spaces. One of the biggest parts of your kitchen is the cabinets. If they’ve seen better days, they can really bring down the whole vibe of the room. You can sand them and refinish them if the issue is only cosmetic. Cabinets that are actually broken might need to be completely replaced. 

Kitchen Repairs

5. Don’t Forget the Outside

The outside of your home is the first thing that potential buyers are going to see. If it’s not up to their standards, you may not even be able to get them through the front door. You can paint the exterior of the home if you’d like. At the very least, it should be pressure washed to remove dirt or weather stains. If you have a green thumb, putting a few plants in a bed by the front door is a charming, inexpensive touch that’s actually fun to do. 

Garden Maintenance

Nobody likes waiting things out while their home sits on the market, and doing a few of these repairs can help your home sell much faster. All you have to do is show potential buyers what you saw in your home the day you made the decision to purchase it. 

Emma is a Communications Manager at Spacer – an Australian startup which helps individuals and businesses find affordable storage space to rent. Whenever not working, Emma is usually found spending time with her family or reading design magazines.

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