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6 christmas decorations that will leave your home smelling beautiful

19th Dec '16 • By Emily Ayers

This year, don’t just feel the Christmas spirit - smell it! There are many ways in which you could give aromatic scents to your home, while focusing on decorating. We want to offer you some helpful tips that will make your home smell like Christmas. 


Natural wreath with pine clippings
Wreaths are one of those items that simply can’t be omitted from your Christmas decoration plan. Not only that they add value to the home’s Christmas design, but they will assure a natural pine scent during holidays. The great thing about Christmas wreaths is that you can create them yourself easily by using pine clippings. 


Scented candles
They come in many forms, shapes, sizes, colours, and scents, and they are ideal if you want different scents around the house during the holidays. Opt for natural scents like vanilla, pine and earthy tones.


Cinnamon pinecones
Purchase cinnamon smelling essential oils or any scent you like, and add a few drops to a 1/3 filled spray water bottle. Spray over pine cones and repeat when necessary.


Beeswax ornaments
Scented beeswax ornaments make great small gifts for Christmas. Also, they are a great choice if you want to give an extra scent to your home. Did you purchase an artificial tree this year and are worried that the holiday scent will be missed? Say no more. Add beeswax as part of your tree ornament decoration, and you will have a beautifully scented Christmas tree. 


Gingerbread ornaments
Gingerbread is not only made to be eaten, it can also be used for decorating. In addition, their scent is great if you want your home to smell like Christmas. Place them near stockings, under the Christmas tree or along a wreath. Kids will surely enjoy smelling gingerbread all around the house. 


Pine branches
Simple branches around the house are a quick solution to get a natural scent into your home. If you’re worried about unintentionally bringing pests into your home, opt for fake pine wreaths and spray with pine scent.


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