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Are you planning to buy your first home?

12th Jul '17 • By Heather Hill

Everyone dreams of owning their own house, however, only a few people are able to handle the process smoothly. If you look at successful homeowners, they have many things in common. With this being said, here are a few tips to be remembered by all first time buyers.

First Home Buyer

#1 Start Early

Try to start saving as early as possible. Creating a saving plan can prevent a high mortgage and hefty monthly premiums in the future. It will make the process a lot easier, for example, the down payment will be more affordable. A lot of people start worrying and feel stressed when they leave their plans to the last moment. Even if you don’t see yourself buying a home in the near-future, it would be wise to save.

Start Saving Early

#2 Never Rush

Do not rush into commitments! You should always look around different properties and new neighbourhoods before making a final decision. Try to think long term and make sure that your choice fits well with your future goals. For example, you may be looking to start a family in the next few years so you may want your property to have a garden or additional bedrooms.

Never Rush

#3 Know Your Needs

You should always inspect each property that you view carefully. Every new buyer dreams of falling in love with their first home - you should choose a property that will meet and exceed your expectations. The best thing to do is to note down your requirements and pay close attention to detail during the inspection. You should always ask your loved ones for their opinions as it will help you decide whether you will be happy with your investment.

Home Keys

#4 Search The Market

You should always look around the mortgage market for the best deal. As you talk to more lenders, you will be able to save money. The lenders will be able to offer you better plans and discounts over other companies. Always choose the most suitable product for your circumstances.

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