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Choosing the right fireplace location

19th Jul '16 • By Emily Ayers

Over the years, more and more homes have installed fireplaces to handle cold climates. Fireplaces have turned into a great spot for endless hours of conversation and relaxation.


In fact, the fireplace is considered as the heart of the house. This is why you should be very careful with its placement. The location of your fireplace determines how effective the heater will be and how it will be used.

Keep in mind as you pick a fireplace, figure out what kind of heating you wish to enjoy. Do you want several fireplaces in your house? Or, are you planning to have a central heating unit? There is nothing better than seeing real flames and sensing warmth in your home during winter. And, that is why few critical questions should be answered for a wonderful experience with your new fireplace.

The Heart of the Home
Many individuals opt for large, stylish fireplaces to be the heart of the home, usually surrounding by a lounge suite. These fireplaces can distribute heat and keep several rooms warm. Naturally, family and guests will be drawn to this area to get together and soak up the heat of the hearth.


Outside Entertainment
Outdoor fireplaces are great for entertaining and for enjoying the fresh air outside.


The Bedroom
Prefer watching the dazzling flicker of flames as you fall asleep or while you read a book in your bedroom? Bedroom fireplaces are on the rise and can help some individuals achieve a greater rest.


The Kitchen
The main benefit of placing the fireplace in the kitchen is noticed when preparing food. During winter it can be easy for food to go cold and by locating the fireplace in the kitchen it can help keep food warm. Further, for most house plans, this means there is enough distance from the kitchen to the lounge room for the heat to be enjoyed.


Between Rooms
Many wood fireplaces are known for becoming too warm when positioned too close to furniture. A great option is to place the fireplace between two rooms, to spread out heat.


Multiple Fireplaces
If you have a rectangular home, you should consider positioning a fireplace on each side of the house. One fireplace can be used indoors and the other outdoors. Likewise, you can install ducts to distribute heat wisely.

Off-center placement can create a unique look and also keeps direct heat away the lounge suite. Freestanding fireplaces are great for this technique.


There are several locations to position a fireplace. When you are deciding a position for your fireplace, make sure the amount of heat and space covered is carefully measured.

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