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Cost of pet door installation

12th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

Thinking of installing a doggy door for your furry friend? Here's all you need to know.


Pet doors promise convenience and accessibility for your furry friend when they wish to enter and leave your home. Pet doors come with a wide range of features and styles. The cost of doggy doors varies depending on how large they are and the type of material chosen. Installing a doggy door professionally ensures that the door is secure and is protected against rough weather conditions.


Types of Doggy Doors
Largely, the cost of your doggy door will depend on  the type of material you choose. Flyscreen doggy doors are one of the cheapest options available and will cost about $20. Solid doors made of timber range from as little as $30 to $70.

Most home owners are quite concerned with the security risks of installing a pet door. There are options on the market that use RDFI technology. These doors will only open with a chip located on your pets’ collar. These doors cost anywhere from $250 to $300.

If you are concerned with the effect a doggy door will have on the style your home, you can always hire a tradesman to custom design a pet door for your home. However, these doors can cost anywhere up to $700 and is the most costly option on the market.

When installing pet doors into existing doors you can either take on the project as a D.I.Y. or call a professional. Getting a doggy door professionally installed will add costs to your project. We recommend asking for 3 quotes from local tradesman in your area, to ensure the venture is within budget.

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