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How to create the best work ute | top features and accessories

18th Aug '19 • By Jayde Walker

If you have a new vehicle, there’s a stack of upgrades and equipment suggestions to get you building the best work ute for the job. From smart storage solutions, spray on ute liners and tech upgrades, these features cater for tradies on the job and with families. Aftermarket and add-on modifications help even the best work utes become safer and functional outback rigs.


To drive safety, efficiency and comfort here's how to create the best ute for your lifestyle needs. 

Better Tyres

Road and outback travel shouldn’t be taken lightly. 

If you intend to use your ute for work and remote-area driving, invest in new tyres. Standard tyres aren’t intended for serious outback travel. 


Look for robust tyres that are less susceptible to damage. To do this, check the type of construction over tread pattern. ‘Light truck’ construction instead of ‘passenger’ construction tyres carry more weight and operate at higher pressures, with better traction on slippery surfaces.  

Although ‘Light truck’ tyres are designed for 4WD driving they can be used on utes for load carrying purposes. They’re also good for sand/gravel driving, outperforming mud tyres and all terrains. 

Spray on Ute Liners

Work ute trays get easily wrecked with tools being loaded in and out of it daily. 

Spray-on liners are a durable coating which protects your tub or tray from inevitable damage. Unlike plastic liners or rubber mats, which can crack, tear and scratch away the paint beneath it, spray-on liners are more permanent and hard-wearing. They work by adhering to the tray and completely sealing the surface so your ute’s tray is waterproof, protected and secure. 


Regular liners and mats still offer protection. But they need regular maintenance to keep in good shape. Even well maintained, they lack lasting the long haul. To prevent scratches and rust, insulate your ute from road noise and increase its resale value come trade time, spray-on liners are the recommended choice for tradies. 

Take Cover

Although not essential, canopy ute covers add another level of protection to your work vehicle. 

Tub liners protect the inside of your tray. But to cover tools and other goods you stow inside it, a canopy, tonneau or hard lid will do the job. 


Canopies provider weather protection and basic security for your tools, and are the more popular choice for off-road driving because of the lighter weight. Tonneau soft covers are UV resistant and can be moved between utes without leaving drill holes. Hard lids can offer better security for tools, but canopies and hard lids offer added lockable security. 

Drawers and Storage

Many top work utes for tradies are equipped with ample drawers and storage. If you’re after additional, there’s more choice now than ever on the market. 

DRAWERS 002.jpg

Well-designed storage systems will have all your tools securely stacked and packed away. This is vital for organisation, safety and easier access to work equipment. Some set-ups feature removable boxes to make work jobs or road trip preparation more manageable. Look for modular systems so as your needs change, you can add or remove drawers and other storage accessories. 

Safety and Technology 

For tradies who do a lot off country or off-road driving, bullbars are necessary to protect your passengers and ute from the damage of unpredictable animals. But be wary, bullbars add substantial weight to the front of your ute and change its dynamics. For weight considerations, choose an aluminium-alloy bullbar over steel.


Essential tech upgrades to boost safety include a car phone mount for hands-free phone calls. Consider a wireless charging phone mount option for those long workdays or family getaway. GPS devices equipped with heads-up display (HUD) are also ideal for work utes. They protect from your smartphone onto a screen in front of you to safely use your GPS app or control music/phone calls. 

What favourite features will you be adding to your ute? 


Author Bio: This article was written by Jayde Walker (Ferguson), a local Senior Content Creator in the travel and business industries who recommends Line-X; a global leader in protective coatings for your work ute. Catch Jayde on  LinkedIn.

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