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Different types of garage doors

2nd May '16 • By Emily Ayers

Are you pondering about garage doors? Do you want to choose a good garage door that would fit your home? If yes, fear not! There are several different types of garage doors in the industry with characteristic traits. With this being said, here are few well known garage doors that can be of great use to you!

Here are few well known garage doors that can be of great use to you!


Door #1 – Canopy

“Canopy Up and Down” is a popular garage door that can gear up to 8 feet. The windows are known as “Canopy” garage doors for a reason. The garage doors have a solid framework that is supported by a torsion spring. These doors are designed with so many security features. Conversely, the garage doors can be very heavy.

Luckily, these doors are easy and quick to install. They can be installed with the help of retractable mechanism. Canopy Up and Over garage doors come with remote control systems that can make the unit easy to use too! Nonetheless, doors with additional equipment can be expensive.


Door #2 – Retractable

Another interesting garage door would be the “Retractable Up and Over”. These doors are becoming increasingly popular. This is because they can be converted into a remote control unit too. When compared against conventional garage doors, “Retractable Up and Over” are more reliable. These doors don’t have any cables! Instead, the garage doors are designed with tension springs and mounted lifting arms. There are horizontal steel runners to support the garage doors. Once again, these doors are heavy and difficult to maintain in the long run.


An important point to be remembered while installing garage doors would be the “width”. The width has to be calculated carefully to reduce unexpected issues! An extended version of this garage door would be the “Retractable Plus Up and Over”.

Door #3 – Sectional

Australia has become extremely famous for its sectional garage doors. This is one of the fastest growing garage door types. The garage door enjoys 80% of the market. This is because sectional garage doors are easy to install, secure and smooth to operate. Above all, the garage doors are sold in different sizes. A basic benefit of buying sectional garage doors would be its “no-swing” option. The door doesn’t swing out while opening or closing.


Few other garage doors in the market would be the “Roller Shutter Door”, “Round the Corner” and “Side Hinged”.

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