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Gifts your valentine will love

9th Feb '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

To purchase the right Valentine gift for your love, you must first take into consideration who they are, what their habits are like and what brings them joy.

Valentines day

For the fitness-obsessed partner


Your partner will appreciate a weekend adventure. Take off hiking into the mountains with a pre-packed healthy picnic. Snap a photo of your Valentine at the top of a mountain with a serene view - they won’t be forgetting the experience of the day. Another weekend adventure could include renting kayaks and getting out on the water. Make the day active, fun and memorable, just like your love.

fitness partner.jpg

For the free-spirited partner


Your partner will love handmade clay pottery mugs - even better if they’re made by you! You can create these beautiful unique works of art at local pottery stores in your area. Another excellent gift choice for your love would be to take them to a butterfly  conservatory where butterflies reside in an indoor garden. This makes for a magical experience. Follow it up with a picnic by the water to put the cherry on top of a perfect day. 

butterfly conservatory.jpg

For the wanderlust partner


The best way to impress the wanderlust-filled partner is to simply take them on an adventure. It doesn’t have to be a flight away, it could be a couple towns over. The idea is to take them somewhere they’ve never been before. Inspire them with wandering and they’ll be yours forever. Research tourist destinations that are close to you - you may be surprised at what attractions are close by! 

adv partner.jpg

For the musical partner


An exciting gift for a musical partner would be an old vintage record player. These make beautiful decor pieces with incredible sound. Another amazing gift for the music lover are high quality headphones meant for tuning out the world and tuning into the sound. 

musical partner.jpg

For the adrenaline junkie partner 


The adrenaline junkie partner craves newness and excitement. An excellent choice of gift for this wild love is day tickets to a ski resort. Ride some pow before snuggling up by a fire with some hot chocolate. A GoPro is also an ideal gift for the adrenaline junkie who likes to document their daring adventures. 

adrenaline junkie.jpg

For the career-driven partner


The perfect gift for the practical career-driven partner is a high speed laptop or a high quality leather laptop bag. This allows your love to look sharp at the office. A stylish watch is also an excellent gift for your ambitious hard worker.

workaholic couple.jpg

For the introvert partner 


The perfect gift for your love is a popcorn maker! Popcorn makers provide delicious and healthy popcorn freshly popped from inside your home. Complement your popcorn maker gift with his or her favourite wine and a new book with a note inside full of heartfelt writing from yours truly.

Intovert partner.jpg

For the traditional partner 


You cannot go wrong by going traditional on Valentine’s day. Traditional gifts include wine, chocolates and jewelry. There is nothing wrong with tradition. Write a heartfelt love letter to show how much you care about your beloved.

the traditional partner.jpg

The purpose of Valentine’s day isn’t just doing generic romantic things - the point is to see your partner for who they really are and acknowledge who they are with a loving gesture. Nothing is more romantic than being seen for the real you - flaws, quirks and all.

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