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How to make the most out of your laundry

12th Oct '20 • By Rohit Mankame

The laundry is one of the most used working spaces in the house which means ensuring your storage situation is under control will make a major difference in how you use it. We share some of our best ideas about how to arrange your laundry, like the pros, to help you create the laundry of your dreams.

Your laundry room may not be the most desirable space in your house for dirty clothing, cleaning supplies, pet paraphernalia and odd socks, but that's not to say that you can't make it look more appealing. 

You can turn the most uninviting space in your home into an organised oasis or, at least, a room of ordered chaos with a bit of elbow grease and some clever storage solutions.

What are the ways you can update your laundry room?

Compact laundry room with washer and dryer

Compact is better

If you are struggling with space, then you might consider rearranging appliances and other items in order to make more room. For example, you could place the dryer above the washing machine. That way you will have more space, and you can throw your newly washed laundry from the washing machine directly into the dryer. 

Space saving drying racks

Add racks

If you really want to have more space in your laundry, then a simple and quick solution is to add racks. You can install one on the main door and others on your walls. Racks are a great way to utilize vertical space in your laundry and can be easily installed by a local handyman. Another pro-tip is to get the dust-proof drying racks which are indispensable for delicate and rainy days. It is best to keep them off the floor when not in use by attaching a couple of hooks to a wall.

Keep products together on a shelf or in a box in order of use. On a shelf, arrange stain remover, soaking powder, detergent, wool wash, softener and ironing water from left to right. If using a box to store items, arrange the products from front to back.

laundry sorting

Sort your laundry

Let's face it, when it comes to doing laundry, sorting is the real struggle. The hard work is done by the laundry machine. 

When you are faced with stacks of assorted materials of all various sizes , shapes, textures and with distinct laundry symbols, sorting may seem like a mammoth task. Here's how to monitor the sorting of your laundry: 

  • For your laundry basket it is best to invest in dividers 
  • To separate lights from dark ones install smaller baskets. 
  • To pick out smaller things, such as socks you should hang bags in your laundry basket. 
  • Throw dirty laundry in the machine, so when its full, its ready to be washed

Folding and ironing table

Purchase a folding table

Second to sorting, folding has to be the second biggest gripe when it comes to laundry. Folding is mundane and can take such a long time. With the right techniques and a few nifty tricks, you'll be spending less time folding and putting clothes away.  

You should purchase a folding table to make your life easier when folding and doing the laundry. Not only will you have a place to fold laundry without hurting your back, but you could also place laundry baskets for dirty, clean and folded clothes under the table. This saves time and helps improve the room’s design as a whole.

Colour palette in the laundry room

Update the colour palette of the room

Making the most out of your laundry doesn’t stop at thinking about space and utility. Sometimes, choosing the right colour palette can do wonders for both your mood and the room’s ambiance. For example, you might choose a light blue, not only will it make your room more welcoming, but it will enhance productivity when washing and folding your laundry. If you're unsure on which colour to choose, hire a painter to help out.

Choose a style

Like any other room, the laundry should get a makeover. There are various themes that you might want to look up. Why not make it look more vintage so that you feel like in a 30s Hollywood movie? Get an old washboard for decoration and maybe some signs, and there you go – your laundry is now vintage. 

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Washing machine cleaner

Clean your washing machine

After a while, and after many washes, your washing machine starts to build up a variety of icky substances - detergent scum, calcium build-up, lint and bacteria from all that clothes washing. 

Ideally, both the inside and the outside of the washing machine should be washed at least once a month or after 30 washing cycles. The procedure is quite pain free as it involves running a laundry cycle and applying a natural disinfectant to disinfect and destroy bacteria, such as vinegar and baking soda or a washing machine cleaning solution. 

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