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Our favourite nursery designs

13th Dec '16 • By Emily Ayers

Deciding on a theme for the nursery’s walls, choosing suitable furniture, and thinking about which toys go where are not easy tasks. Trends often change, so we’ve provided a helpful guide to help you decide on a final theme.


Greeting a new family member is one of the many simple pleasures of life, especially if that member is a newborn. Whether you have already experienced the joy of welcoming a baby into your home or this is your first time, designing the nursery room is one of the most exciting projects.

Think Pastel
When thinking of nurseries and babies, the first thing that might pop up into your mind would be pastels. And, yes, you are right. At the moment, pastels are one of the trendiest colours when it comes to painting a nursery’s walls. As designer Ginnocchio says, "When you think 'nursery' and 'baby,' it's a natural fit to think pastel… but this is the new, updated version. It's still sophisticated; it's still going to draw on modern furnishings or blend in other trends, but it gets back to that soft feel." 


Bold Baby Cribs – Choose Wisely 
The crib is the main piece of furniture in every nursery. It defines the nursery; it makes the room what it is – a nursery. Choosing a crib that matches design and fulfils needs is probably the most important part to the design. Bold designs are in fashion this season, at least that’s what Jay-z and Beyoncé went for when their new baby arrived. Thanks to them, the acrylic Vetro Crib is now popular all around the world, and its minimalist design makes it one of our favourites, too.


Storage, Storage and More Storage
Besides time and energy that you spend with an infant, you need to think about the many objects that a small child requires. Toys, baby clothing and hygiene products, they all need to be stored somewhere. Why not choose a design that is both appealing and storage-smart? For example, a storage grid could be placed under the table. Other small grids for storage can be placed around the room. Paint them in different lively colours or draw some cute creatures, and you’ve got yourself a practical and beautiful nursery room! 


Go All White
While pastel walls are trendy today, all-white rooms are becoming more and more popular. Choosing white furniture and painting the nursery’s walls white are in trend for the minimalist design fans. For such a room, you may add interesting features. For example, this young mother has chosen an interesting statement piece for the nursery. She added her baby’s name on the wall. The biggest advantage of a white minimalist design is that the room always leaves a feeling of cleanest and clearness. 


Let the Small Things Enhance It 
If you have chosen a theme, crib, and designed a smart and fashionable nursery. Don’t forget the last step – the details. How you arrange toys and other items in the baby’s room are as crucial as the walls’ colour or the crib’s design. Also, don’t forget that chromatics is everything when arranging toys. Never mix too much red with black, for example, as these colours represent danger.

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