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Should i hire someone to install my tv?

28th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

Here are few tips to help you choose between a professional appliance installer or a do-it-yourself approach.


One of the best features of modern TVs is the ability to hang them on ceiling and walls using mounts. A lot of home owners choose wall mounts to free up space and create a greater viewing experience. Before installing your new television, you should figure out if it is worth attempting a DIY or calling a professional service provider.

Comfort, convenience and experience play an important role in making this decision. All home improvement projects require a predestined amount of time and effort. The kind of tools required, type of method to be used and the installation procedure depends on factors like the television’s size, amount of time you have and the installation location.

#1 The Right Tools
First of all, professional service providers are highly skilled and come prepared with an array of required tools. The professionals have everything that is required to install the television perfectly. From power drills to levels to screwdrivers to stud finders. These tools will make sure the installation gets complete on time and effortlessly.


#2 Save Time
Most television owners have very little time to hang televisions on the wall. This is why they opt for professional service providers, who can help them save time. With the help of these experts, you will be able to spend time on things that are of more importance to you.

#3 Save Effort
Installation may not be as easy as it seems. Installation of large televisions requires the assistance of two or more people. For more advanced systems, like home theatre systems it would be unwise to make a costly error and have to call an electrician fix the issue and re-install. If you do have the necessary skills to tackle such a project, patience and care should be taken.


#4 Professional Advice
Last but certainly not least, ask for professional advice. You can also get quotes from local tradesmen in your area to ensure you receive a fair price.

If after considering the above points and you have decided you may need help, click the button below to find a local handyman.

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