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The best projects to do this weekend

3rd Feb '17 • By Emily Ayers

Weekends are great for getting to those much needed home improvement projects. If you’re not sure what to tackle this weekend, we’ve got you covered. Putting in effort and getting to those neglected side projects can be a very rewarding experience. There is nothing better than relaxing with friends and family after a day of productivity.


Here’s our pick for the best projects to do this weekend!

Painting is a great way to spend your weekend and light up the house! It doesn’t matter what you paint. It could be your room, furniture or a feature wall. Painting creates the feeling of a new and clean home. Purchase a few buckets of your favorite colour and let the creative ideas flow. If you’re not sure what colour to paint, opt for white and add colour with furniture and décor, this way if you get tired of the colour, you can simply swap items out. If you need the help of a good painter, you can always get several quotes from professional painters to improve your homes value.


Refurb Old Furniture
Have that one chair that always creaks when someone sits on it? Or that table that always seems to wobble during dinner time? Breathe life into your old furniture and spend some time making a list of all these fixes over the week and punch through the list over the weekend. These subtle fixes go a long way and can add life to your home.


Purchase / Build a Bed Head
A great bed head can add to the décor of your room and make your space feel new again. There are a lot of designs that you can buy ready-made. Head over to your nearest furniture store and browse a few before bringing one home – another option is to ask a carpenter to customise a bed head to your tastes.


For some, there is nothing more peaceful than gardening. It’s a way to appreciate and connect with nature and it’s a project that can be very fruitful! Not sure where to start? Local gardeners can offer expert advice and get your dream garden underway. Get a quote from your local gardening supplies dealer and buy a kit to start the project! No fuss, just plant a few seeds or get a gardener to trim those hedges that have long been overdue.


Make a bookshelf
This is for people who really want a kick out of their weekend and start the week with a sense of achievement. Having something built requires a lot of heart. It is a challenge that presents itself as an opportunity to discover just how creative you can be. Collect a bunch of your favourite designs and start the project with a great carpenter. A great looking bookshelf can add to the atmosphere of your house and add a subtle level of sophistication. 


Have a few too many projects to tackle this weekend? Get the help of local service providers to complete your projects without any hassle!

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