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The trend of minimalism

19th Apr '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

What is this thing called minimalism anyway?

the trend of minimalism

Minimalism is the personal lifestyle choice to live more simplistically or “minimally.” This can mean living with fewer material possessions resulting in a cleaner looking space or choosing to rely more on books than televisions or electronics. Living minimally is a means to access ‘freedom of mind’ or ‘clear thinking’ by cutting out the clutter in reality and therefore, the mind. 

The idea is to live more sustainably, naturally and debt-free. 

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Design based on living simply 


The world is full of noise - noise from numerous distractions from excessive product marketing, consumerism, clutter, debt, and all the material chaos that surrounds us in the modern world. Minimalism involves creating a new way of being free from the noise. Instead of always being pulled by the influences outside of us, minimalism insists on listening to the voice inside and eliminating the complex to make space for the simplistic. When it comes to creating a minimalist inspired space, using neutral shades is an awesome trend. Instead of basing the living area in your home around a television, consider making it a social area with a reading nook. 

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Sustainable options 


Minimalism isn’t about feeling restricted, it’s simply about refraining from spending or purchasing the unnecessary. The focus should be on the quality and genuine addition to your life, rather than an impulsive need to have more, more and more. Minimalism focuses on quality and function, rather than quantity. It also involves having a more sustainable approach to your lifestyle. Purchasing eco-friendly furniture and home accessories contributes to a minimalist approach in your home design. Rustic design in home spaces are naturally a perfect choice for the sustainable minimalist lifestyle. There are several things you can do to nail your rustic inspired renovation to make your home more eco-friendly. Another way to create sustainable, healthier living is to choose natural cleaning products for your home. 

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Finding freedom from clutter 


Have you ever had a long hard day at work only to come home to a home filled with mess and clutter? How does that make you feel? Probably not too awesome. Clutter and chaos around us naturally causes the mind to become cluttered which causes the body to stress. The elimination of clutter means the elimination of cortisol release, otherwise known as the stress hormone. Clear away stress by clearing away clutter. You don’t need all those old phones you used to use. You don’t need out of date magazines. You don’t need books you don’t enjoy, old receipts you don’t need, unmatched earrings, old CDs you don’t listen to, skincare products you don’t use, worn out clothing you don’t wear. You name it, you don’t need it. As E.E. Cummings wrote it, “Let all go dear - so comes love.” By chucking out the nonessentials, you will naturally feel more contentment and control. While you’re clearing things away physically, add emotional baggage too - You don’t need that either. Your home and mind will be a lot clearer after a solid decluttering sesh.

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Shift in focus 


When you stop focusing on consumer goods and the collection of unnecessary things, it frees up that mental space to focus on the more important things like health, relationships and purpose. In the same respect, when you set an intention to promote the things you value most and eliminate the rest, it empowers you to make decisions based on your own values and intentions. It’s a lifestyle based in internal intention rather than external distraction. 

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Reclaiming time


Part of living minimally means genuinely realising our attachments to ‘things’ and ‘products.’ Once we realise just how much time and space these things are taking up in our lives, we can re-evaluate just how much time we’re willing to dedicate to them. For example, maybe you hate doing the dishes so you allow them to pile up into a giant anxiety-inducing dish castle. Eliminating the amount of dishes you actually own will also result in making sure they are clean and ready to use. Death to dish castles!  For more eco-friendly dishware, choose products that are reusable and free of harmful materials. Wooden and pottery stoneware dishes are an excellent choice for the minimalist home. Reclaiming your time by eliminating clutter and moving away from things as a driving force of motivation tends to result in valuing experiences over things. Instead of spending money on things that will fade or become less appealing over time, living in the moment and creating valuable personal experiences will result in less debt and more fulfillment. 

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Create instead of consume


Modern culture can often portray the image that it is the accumulation of possessions that leads to fulfillment. However, minimalism insists it is in the creation of things that we find true fulfillment. Once you get more comfortable with consuming less, you are able to create more. Living as a creator with intention and a grateful attitude is sure to inspire a happier more fulfilled life. 

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Focus on abundance 


Valuing what you have as oppose to always searching for the next material thing to possess causes a shift from a state of lack to a state of abundance. Feeling more grateful and fulfilled by what you already own results in feeling more abundant in general. Whether you decide to cut out your morning routine of looking at your phone, clear away clutter on your work desk, eat cleaner, buy more environmentally friendly products, or swap your television for a new book or hobby, a lifestyle embracing minimalism is always achievable. It’s all about focusing on what’s really important.

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The trend of minimalism has been on the rise because it tends to yield more perceived freedom and happiness. Minimalism involves living more with personal intention than being molded by the outside world. 

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