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What to consider before building a pool

30th Jul '16 • By Emily Ayers

A backyard pool is usually the centrepiece of a property. The landscape, lighting, plants, decking, and paving all add ambience and sets the stage for your swimming pool. For this reason, you should consider several factors before installing or renovating a pool.


Landscaping a pool area implies considering the major four elements, safety, function, privacy and aesthetics.

  • Safety:  Any pool deeper than 30cm needs to have adequate fencing, even while construction is under way. Some States also require CPR signage. Other safety measures include; adequate lighting and slip-resistant surfaces.
  • Function: Determine what you’ll use your pool for. Will it be for the kids or for a place of relaxation?
  • Privacy: You might also want to consider your privacy options. Creating a space where you can feel free to relax without the worry of onlookers can also be an important factor. If you don’t want to install bulky fencing, other options for privacy include plants, vines and shade sails.
  • Aesthetics: This depends on your preference and individual taste. Anything can be incorporated, but a well-designed pool landscaping alone is the key factor to enhance the resale value of your home.


A swimming pool can take up a lot of room, we recommend drawing a line where you want your pool to go. This can give you a good visual idea of how much space your pool will need. Further, it can help determine a more accurate quote.

Materials are another factor to be considered. Pools can be made from various different materials like concrete, fiberglass or gunite. These options all come with their own advantages and disadvantages.

The type of landscape you have will also determine the type of pool that can built. For example, homes with sloped land usually require above-ground pools.

Ensure the lighting offers safety and beauty. Use path lights, spotlights, tree lights in combination. Even add string patio lights to trees to ensure extra glow. For energy efficiency, use LED low-voltage systems to light stairs or paths. Solar lights are easy to maintain and can be programed to turn on at night.


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