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Why you should install aircon this winter

25th May '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

But… it’s cold.

aircon in winter

True! It is cold by Australian standards; however, installing your air conditioner in the winter months has several benefits. Even my Canadian blood has assimilated to the Gold Coast weather forcing me against my Canadianness to wear a sweater (jumper) when it dips below 20 degrees.

However, we’ve all made the mistake of waiting until you’re in your home with a sweat mustache calling every aircon business in town trying to get on a month-long waiting list to get your aircon installed or serviced. One way to ensure you never have to endure this dreadful experience again is to prepare ahead of time, in winter, and have your aircon installed while it is still crisp outside. 

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Skip the waiting line 


Who likes waiting in line? If you have your air conditioner installed or serviced during the winter season, you diminish the risk of being added to a long waiting line of Australians calling in issues in the heat of the summer months. During the summer months, aircon businesses are flat out. However, in the winter months they are left with significantly less business as urgency levels and need is much lower. This is the time to book your appointment and prepare ahead of time, before the issue is urgent. Make sure everything is in top working order before that classic Aussie heatwave hits.

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Don’t want until it’s too late 


Don’t make the mistake of waiting until you are melting inside your home, putting your head in the freezer, and taking ice cold showers to call in the professional. Not only will calling a professional ahead of time benefit you in the long term, but it is also great for the local business. Having a steady income in the winter months, as oppose to being absolutely flat out having to turn people away or overbook, will be much better for the professional that tends to your aircon related needs.

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Get multiple quotes from professionals 


When you have the luxury of time, it is much easier to go with the right professional with the most fair quote and professional reputation. Having the luxury of choosing the right professional for your needs based on several factors outside of desperation and urgency, will ensure you are having the job done by a credible business with solid reviews and a fair price. Get multiple air conditioning quotes to give yourself the freedom of choosing the business and price that works for you. 

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Be eco-friendly and energy efficient 


Not all air conditioners are created equal. There are factors to consider when choosing the most eco-friendly and energy efficient air conditioner for your home. Size matters. Seek professional advice regarding what size will work best for your home. You may instinctively go for the smaller model thinking that it will take up less electricity but the opposite is true. It will actually waste electricity exhausting itself to cool a space that is too large for its capacity. It won’t keep your home cool, but it will kill electricity trying. Other ways to be more eco-friendly with your aircon include two-stage compressors, geothermal heat pumps, programmable thermostats, and regular maintenance. 

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Healthy living space 


Air conditioners aren’t meant to be tended to only when they are broken. They should be thoroughly cleaned at least every few weeks. Schedule to have your aircon professionally cleaned well before you are meant to use it in the summer. Dust and bacteria can accumulate and regular maintenance will create a clean air living space to promote health and eliminate potential associated health risks.

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Other natural ways to purify the air in your home include beeswax candles, salt lamps, activated charcoal, houseplants like peace lily, using green cleaning products, and essential oil diffusers.

We recommend getting your air conditioner installed or serviced this winter… just don’t turn it on. 

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