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5 plants that thrive indoors

13th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

Here are a few indoor plants that can boost the look and feel of your home.


Are you looking for plants that grow well indoors? If yes, you are certainly reading the right article. There are several different types of indoor plants. These plants have features that allow them to grow well indoors.

#1 Dumb Cane
The list of best indoor plants begins with the “Dumb cane”. This is a beautiful white and lime green plant with broad leaves. Dumb Cane grows well in locations that don’t receive direct sun light. In regards to watering, Dumb Cane doesn’t have to be watered frequently. Instead, water when the soil feels dry and mist the plant occasionally.


#2 Rubber Plant
Another interesting indoor plant would be “Rubber Plant”. As its name suggests, the leaves on this plant looks like rubber. Rubber Plant thrives in indirect sunlight. Water when potting mix is dry.


#3 Pin Stripe Calathea
Pin stripe calathea has turned into everyone’s favorite indoor plant. The plant enjoys a direct flow of sunlight and needs a well-lit place. The plant has to be protected from mist, dust and dry leaves every day. Additionally, the plant has to be watered occasionally to prevent leaf spots. Indeed, pin-stripe calathea is a high-maintenance plant.


#4 Prayer Plant
If you want a plant that doesn’t require direct light, you should go for the prayer plant. The plant doesn’t like to stand in water. What differentiates the Prayer Plant from other indoor plant varieties would be its closely packed leaves. If you wish to keep the Prayer Plant tidy, you should remove dead leaves frequently.


#5 Mother-In-Law’s Tongue
A great plant with a playful name would be the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue. This is a plant that grows well without direct sunlight. The plant has rigid leaves that grow upright. The plant produces heavily perfumed blooms that can keep your home colorful and beautiful. You should water the Mother-In-Law’s Tongue only when dry.


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