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6 ways to transform your home with a desert theme

12th Apr '17 • By Emily Ayers

This year it’s all about leather, textured rugs, elegant decorations and bright patterns. You can easily achieve this elegant Sahara look in your own home with these 6 desert themed design tips:

Desert Decor
Leather Couch

Start your desert themed home design with a tan leather lounge or chair. You can make the leather chair or couch the focal point of the room by decorating with light coloured accessories. Tie in your leather furniture with a chic, round leather ottoman.

Leather Couch

Brass Finishings

Decorate your home by using brass. Light stands and chandeliers are a good place to start. The alloyed colour will bring out a very polished look and complement the desert décor of your home. If you have a tall ceiling, a brass chandelier would fit perfectly and make the room look larger.

Brass Finishings

Fur Rugs

Your desert chic decor wouldn’t be complete without a beautiful Arabian rug. A textured rug helps bring your room's decor together. If you’re after a more subtle desert look, animal fur rugs are another popular option.

Fur Rugs

Grainy Wood

The key is to achieve an essentially minimalistic and refined look which you can bring out in your home by using grainy wood. Not only will this add a sophisticated and well-furnished look to your home, but it will go well with the entire décor of this theme as well. Chairs, tables, stands, you name it. There are a lot of options to choose from. Grainy wood works well with most furnishing items and the texture will also allow you to experiment with different furniture styles!

Desert Theme

Pillows, Pillows and More Pillows

Give the smooth and soft feel of sand by adding lots of pillows! You can go crazy with textured pillows and decorate with them around the room. This will make your home feel cozy and very welcoming. We recommend pillows of different sizes and colours.



Getting the lighting right will make all the difference for this theme. Leather and grainy wood are best showcased when they are under good lighting conditions. We recommend a subtle yellow light for centerpieces and main furniture items. You can also use wall-mounted lanterns around the house or even a fireplace. Remember to go for full illumination to showcase this theme in all its glory.

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