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8 decor tips to add more romance to your home

12th Feb '18 • By Kaylyn Jeffrey

Make your home more romantic with our decor tips will create a more welcoming, cosy atmosphere in your home.

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candles - romance.jpg



Lighting is an incredibly important factor in creating the atmosphere of your home. Soft, warm lighting will create the romantic lighting you're after. Candles are the number one lighting trick to create more romance in your home. The more candles, the better. More ways to achieve romantic lighting are to buy dim-lit lamps and warm light bulb shades. Fairy lights inside the home and on the patio contribute greatly to a dreamy, romantic atmosphere. 

warm colours - romance.jpg

Warm colours 


Colours create different moods within a space. Cool colours tend to evoke feelings of calm where as warm colours tend to evoke more feelings of comfort and passion. Choose deep browns and reds to really draw passion into a room. 

cozy elements - romance.jpg

Add cosy elements


The cosier the space is, the more romantic it’s going to feel. Add cosy decor by incorporating more big plush pillows and rugs. Invest in high quality supportive pillows for the bedroom to ensure relaxation and comfort. Supportive pillows are also extremely good for your body and health. 

fireplace - romance.jpg

Fireplaces create romance and are perfect to cuddle up in front of with a glass of wine. Fireplaces tend to exude relaxation and romance. They are a must for the romantic home.

vintage rustic - romance.jpg

Add vintage and rustic glamour 


Vintage glamour could include antique lighting, candlesticks and mirrors. These items tend to evoke a medieval vibe of romance and mystery. Vintage items tend to be more mysterious and seductive than the more modern decor looks. Vintage wood decor also adds a romantic rustic feel. 

potted planted - romance.jpg

Potted plants for the outside of your home and window sill add to the romance of your home. Climbing vines are also ideal for the rustic, romantic home.  

silk - romance.jpg

Romantic materials 


Certain materials offer more soft, sensuous textures, such as silk. Investing in silk drapes, pillows and bed sheets will up the romance of your home significantly. Not only do they feel soft and relaxing, but they offer a lovely luxurious appearance in the home. 

cookies - romance.jpg

Intoxicating scent 


Lavender is relaxing, calming and romantic. The scent of lavender in your home can be obtained by candles, essential oils and incense. Vanilla is another romantic scent that makes your home smell incredible. The scent of cooking a delicious meal as your guests arrive will also give your home a romantic feel. Try baking cookies or apple pie to get the senses dancing. 

record player - romance.jpg

Musical element


Music evokes emotion and emotion is the root of all romance. Have a guitar, piano or record player on display to up your romantic decor. The gentle playing of music in your home also contributes to an atmosphere full of romance. 

art - romantic.jpg

Personalise the space 


Art is a great way to add more romance and intrigue to a space, especially if the art is somewhat daring. Emotion is related to romance and art is supposed to make you feel something. Complement your art with photos of you, your love and friends. Personalise your space to give it more emotion. 

backyard fairy lights - romance.jpg

Turn up the heat with these strategic decor tips that will have you and your guests feeling the romance. 

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