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Beautiful staircase design inspiration

30th Jun '16 • By Emily Ayers

An array of beautiful staircases for your home design inspiration. Whether your intentions are to utilise space efficiently or to create an aesthetically pleasing design, we've got staircase inspiration for you. 


A beautiful example of straight stair design. Simple white acrylic steps, fixed in place between timber and glass, highlighted by exposed concrete and well placed lighting.


U shaped stairs are very efficient for those who do not have much space to spare. Timber slats offer the appearance of privacy without entirely blocking off the space.  Combined with natural timber flooring, this home gives the impression of warmth and sustainability.


Book staircases are one of our favourites. Storage staircases can be used to display books, knick-knacks or family ornaments.


Looking for a staircase design that doesn't detract a space? This L-shaped staircase follows a beautiful contemporary design. Its success can be attributed to its glass railing, which makes the stairs look as if they are floating.


Winding staircases give the impression of elegance and luxury. This type of staircase is extremely effective for those who are looking for a traditional look and have ample space to support the design.

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